734915_10154096851194809_7509121775709329735_n-300x200There are many different aspects to a multidimensional human who is becoming more and more conscious daily of their awareness of reality and of how far the aspects of their consciousness actually expand. One of the most important aspects to be aware of and to activate is the energy body. The 5D energy body is the pure light form energetic copy of yourself of whom once activated is capable of keeping the physical body in optimal health and wellness.

The energy body is the aspect of you that holds a copy of your pure personality of pure intention and a core consciousness untouched by the incomplete programming from 3rd dimension. This energy body is in fact your 5th Dimensional Higher Self and is easiest embodied when you raise your frequency up to the higher spectrum of full, nonpolarized emotion from the heart and clear-minded thought.

Once become aware of and connected with, your 5th Dimensional Higher Self will be apt to connect with you as you individually show interest and priority to clear your Mind and hold the vibrational space for them to be with you. As you become closer to this reality you will begin to merge with your Higher Self and your consciousness will become transformed into a purer, more enlightened and clear version of yourself inside and out.

This may happen on it’s own, or you may have to work at it because your physical vessel has to begin clearing out the negative programming that could hinder the entire integration of the higher light throughout your systems. These hindrances may include and are not limited to subconscious guilt, subconscious beliefs of self-victimization or self-suffering, related to past negative experiences and past trauma. However these programs can only exist in your subconscious until you are energetically empathic enough to ask the right questions long enough about any negativity you are experiencing internally to identify them, deprogram them, and then heal any trauma.

downloadSo the activation is only possible with a routine of constant change in your patterns of thought and emotion with a willingness to understand and grow. To begin activating your energy body the best route is to begin by sitting in the sun. Imagine you’re sitting in a sphere of golden energy, in a pillar of golden energy and with every breath you breathe your sphere gets brighter from the core of your being at your heart center. While you’re doing this you’re circulating your energy through your physical body up your back, down the front of your body and around back up your back like a circuit of light. Then visualize the 5th Dimensional version of yourself whom is made of pure golden light stepping into your body. When this happens you should feel an increase of intensity of energy flow and light density.

This activation will help you bypass the pitfalls of many “ascension symptoms” and sicknesses the common person will experience during their lives. The lightbody is the template of the cosmic human of whom was created without flaw, while in perfect harmony with nature. This means that when you practice this activation and continuously overlay your 5D template self over your body, you are actually unpacking and integrating your extra DNA wrongfully labeled “junk DNA” by allowing the sun to activate the light coding. Then you can begin to supercede many ailments altogether.

Identifying and de-programming any negative programming running in the subconscious is so important because your entire system needs to be running 100% without any stops in order for your own consciousness to acquaint the higher conscious vibration of your energy body. Negative programs in the subconscious will  literally put stops in the expansion of your vibratory state and cause your vibrational state to hit a wall and contract when specific issues are thought about or are experienced related to past negative experiences and trauma. To get past this stage what is most effective to do is to reprogram how you think and how you perceive your mental and emotional state. You can begin learning how to do that here.

You will begin to heal faster, understand higher concepts easier, process more information more quickly, and essentially become a more evolved being. Your neural synapses will begin to clear themselves of mucus and excess fluid of negative energy literally allowing you to hit higher levels of consciousness and intelligence. The blood flowing through the pathways in your body will also begin to become crystalline as the blood cells begin to retain more light on the cellular level as you circulate it with your breathing while sitting in the sun.


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