th7During our day and age there are many things we need to pay attention to. There are the things we want to achieve in our lives that we should show up for and remain persistent with. Even with the world getting more and more polarized into what we are truly living in in the collective here on earth, there are things that we shouldn’t ever lose sight of.

One of those things is the very planet we are living on. The earth is alive. The soil is alive. The trees are alive. The sky is alive. Every single moving molecule on this planet is alive and carries a living light intelligence of divinity. However with day to day priorities and busy schedules its totally easy for many people to get caught up in the hustle and bumble of the real world.

At the end of the day it depends on your value systems and what you define as most real to you. Will you decide to wake up and commune with your planet you’ve lived on your entire life with your soul? Or will you continue to always decide that the rules that were placed outside of you have the most reality towards what is real within you?

Because in order to connect with the planet earth you must be in tune with your own soul! You have to understand that the earth has a heartbeat and it is massive. And it is possible to sync your own beat of your own heart with the planet earth, Gaia.

Understand that when you do this it is for your own healing and for your own growth and expansion of your own consciousness. And you do not need anybody else beside yourself in order to do it. When you get good at this you become more grounded and your aura becomes like the root of a tree of life. You are then able to walk around like a giant in the etheric realms simultaneously while still in a physical body.

Individuals who are in tune with the earth are also in tune with the sky. Because the earth and the sky are intimately one living light system. And the human interconnects at the center of this living system as the Creator.


When you understand you are a piece of the earth as much as the earth is a piece of you, your dimensional level of understanding will skyrocket. You will have your own version of 5th dimensional earth under your feet at all times as your own personal dimensional ground. You become a master of your inner reality and you dimensionally exit the false matrix while still remaining in a physical body. You will not be subjected to the games and the bad jokes of 5G, AI, and tech company agendas.

It takes time effort and focus persistence to make the inner shift into these states. And this shift isn’t just given to you. You have to know what you deserve and you have to want it. What’s true for you in your inner sacred space must become what is most important to you before anybody elses opinion. And you have to know that nobody can take any of that away from you because it is what you are on the deepest level. Unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a life force, as existence itself. Beginning from the heart center you will find your own truth. Start there and expand!!

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