spirit-circleThe 5th dimensional shift is what humanity has been gearing up for for over the past few decades. Ever since the first awakening codes started to hit the earth in the 1960s from the galactic center, the shift really started to happen in the 1980s and then after 2012. Fast forward to 2020 where the intensity has really started to hit different and the intensity has geared up exponentially.

If you’re highly empathic than you know that compared to 2019 energy every day of 2020 has felt to similar to a full moon. And there are 3 super full moons coming this year! This is the plan of the galactic councils who oversee this entire consciousness shift. Because the only way for a collective awareness to expand and evolve is to grow it from the ground on an immersion level and view the progression naturally.

As we all know, at the center of the earth is a sun. And if you pay attention to the sun in the sky and the CME blasts going off everyday you’ll see there is a direct correlation with that and with the earth’s schumann resonance. The earths base resonance spikes every time there is a major coronal mass ejection from the sun. This is because the sun is sending out spherical energy waves and the earths core is beginning to really do the same thing. And we’re on the earth’s surface!

However we are not going to fry because we are lightbeings. The Guardians of this solar system and galaxy are very wise and they know what they are doing, because they have done it millions of times. Yet this shift is very different from any other before it. Primarily because there has never been such a variety of star races conglomerated into one biological suit. The human has 33 DNA strands making 33 genetically valid star races as higher selves for each person on this planet. A person is so unique and incredible and powerful because we are like self-aware mini sun beings that create the reality, just by existing and percieving it.  And there are over 10 billion of us here on this planet!

christedcompletetreeThis has been so unprecedented that Multiverse and Omniverse level Galactic Guardians are standing above the galaxy watching our little planet evolve. All of these very high level intelligences are so captivated by whats happening here because a whole new Universe is developing from the central core of this planet. This shift isn’t only just into the 5th dimension. When the shift happens its going to be universal into where the entire universe is reborn 5th dimensionally Christ Consciously based.

This is possible because every single inhabited planet with self aware beings on it is like a mini universe. And unbeknownst to the humans walking around on this planet-every single person is a walking talking breathing universe within themselves as them self alone. So when you take a planet that already has a galactic core that is already pulsating and ready to go CME when its sun does what you have is a completed level of universal intelligence as a planetary sun system.

So as we walk around on the surface of this earth-sun planet this means that everything that we have not energetically balanced is going to come into view into our collective subconscious. There are things that are going to appear that aren’t going to serve us and there are going to be things that will serve us. There are things that were hiding in the dark that are easily seen by anybody now. However it the power is within each person individually to do that now.

So it is up to each person to be able to discern from what is a fake “virus” from what is actual danger and calculate from the new collective insight and information gained for what is helpful for themselves first. It’s a choice to not be swayed by the hype from a fraudulent media hellbent on carrying out destruction and domination from their inability to create a prosperous reality. Are you going to believe a sick news system who’s only purpose is to mislead and scare the people into creating and co-creating a sickness or a collective trauma for themselves to feed off of? Or are you going to finally decide not to be influenced or lead by fear and begin doing your energy work to embody and be more Christ Conscious every day of your life?

If you choose the latter your inner reality will shift, and then your outer reality will eventually then shift. And if you do it, make sure you’re doing it for yourself without holding anyone accountable besides yourself. This way nobody nor anything can stop you from your own personal shift :)

6 thoughts on “Expanding Into the New

  1. Thanks so much for this Jerrel – brilliantly put!

    I am a big fan of nomnitive determinism (when your name says what you are or do). It struck me that the “Corona” Virus is actually coming to assist us by allowing this (albeit forced) downtime, we will all need to shift the ways in which we approach problems and life, and work and everything. It allows us to see our own “coronas” or “crowns” coming online as we experience these shifts.

    I so appreciate your work!


    • Agreed!! There’s so many ways we can look at what’s going on with this thing. The first thing that was obvious to me too was that it is a play on words with how they named this “virus”. A crown activation is totally happening and its critical how we perceive this shift. They named it corona, which = eye, which = perception virus. So as long as we look at this shift as a good thing and stay out of fear, we are in the clear!!

      So nice to hear from you again Rachel :) <3

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