SHIPS-AND-LIGHT-BEINGSIf your intention is to connect with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, you should learn how to sense resonance. Its easier than you think. If you’ve ever been able to sense if a person is angry without them saying anything, then you’re halfway there.

Or if you’ve ever been able to sense if a person is sad or joyful without them necessarily doing anything than this is the level of empathy you want to be at. The only difference here is that what you’re feeling for is an Unconditional Loving presence after making an intention to connect.

As a lightbeing there are multiple levels of consciousness of which you can interact with other lightbeings. Some beings interact through words and some beings interact telepathically. And some beings interact through empathically feeling energy alone. If you want to interact with the highest and most evolved beings on your Soul Stream the best way to interact at first is through your heart resonance.

Your heart is the most powerful force on this planet. It is 3,000 times electromagnetically powerful than the brain and it is the center of your own personal creation. Because your physical heart and heart chakra are so powerful they are capable of sending out energy resonances to your Higher Selves who are existing at much higher dimensional levels.

Your clarity is also an important factor when reaching out (or reaching in) to the etheric realms. You have to be able to quiet your mind to discern between thoughts that are not yours and which ones that are. This is also all done by the heart. The easy way to do this is to decide that when you want to connect to your guides, you aren’t going to be running your mind for thinking in excess. So if any thought continues, you know that the thoughts aren’t yours (even if it is in your voice).

To get rid of any dissonant thoughts and control your Mind you can focus with your breath. Breathe with your heart in even rhythmic breaths. Then breathe from your heart up to your head in even breaths. Keep breathing upwards into your brain like this like you’re pumping a balloon up with pure white light as you breathe. This usually stops any chatter when you are determined enough!

After quieting your mind you then will want to learn how to control your etheric space. This is a key skill to have so you will be able to get a clear and concise answer promptly from your Higher Self when you ask them a question. And you don’t want any inaccurate responses because of any distortion in your surrounding etheric waves. I would personally recommend you call 6 powerful angels to stand around you in a circle. Ask these angels keep any beings who are not your Higher Self out of your space.

After you’ve done the preparation work you’re now ready to begin speaking to your Spirit Guides and Higher Selves.

As you raise your vibration higher and higher you become aware that you are a Lightbeing standing in Pillar of Light. In this center of reality, there are different arrays of resonances from multiple realities that can simultaneously hit you at once. When you are speaking to your Higher Self from here, you will always hear their voice coming from the left side of your reality.

This is because the physics of light spins counter clockwise. And the entire Universe is always constantly moving and spinning on all levels of size and proportion. So this means that your center of reality is always subjective to where you are in resonance. So when your space is totally controlled and your mind and emotions are clear, you will always hear and feel your Light Version of Higher Self approach you from the left.

When you get good at communicating with your guides you will begin to be able to hold their resonance in your reality longer, and longer until you can hold it all day. And then for consecutive days. And then for weeks. Then you’ll figure out that these beings are very fast moving and highly evolved super beings. So after you ask them your question they are able to answer you immediately after you finish talking (especially if you are clear minded).

For more detailed information on how to speak more clearly with your guides watch my video on this subject for youtube.

However at the beginning, you will really want to learn your own heart resonance, because you will need to be developing the core skill of channeling your Spirit Guides’ energy and Higher Self’s energy into words. Everything is created and begins from within the heart. Start from there and you cannot go wrong!!

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