In our day-to-day lives in this modern age where technology is running rampant, we need to dial our focus and learn to live from the inside out. The inside of ourselves is where we find our truth, and our most resonant and sacred state of being. If we truly find out who we are on the inside, living and walking our path becomes much easier.

Humans today are walking around oblivious to their super capacity for higher energy and godlike empathy. And the goals of predatory technology companies today is to implement etheric software technology on each unsuspecting person through their devices.

There are ways to protect yourself from these malevolent technology influences. It helps if every person has their own personal “protocol” where they have their own set of rules to follow to keep their energy safe from outside hazards. These rules can consist of how you hold your posture, how you breathe, how you move your eyes, how you think, and how you feel. Mastering these basics will keep your aura clear and keep your inner space not accessible by malevolent influences.


When your is posture aligned straight upward it aligns with the cosmos and your soul stream of energy. Because we are star beings we have energy connections that expand way up and out into space. The stars in the night sky seems far away from a 3rd dimensional perspective, however when you close your eyes they are literally so close that you can reach out and touch any star you want with your energy body. A great practice to keep your posture straight upward is to stay in a pillar of light with the center of the earth under you where you are always constantly moving upward. Generate the feeling in your inner reality of moving upward like you’re standing in an elevator, and your posture will get straighter, and you will be more clearly connected to your Higher Self.

Your vibration will also raise because you are moving upward, and you may feel attachments unhook and begin flying off of you and falling downward as you are moving up. This is because the Universe operates on logical energetic rationality, entirely subjective to the Creator. And because the Universe is in the shape of a person, you are a very powerful Creator. So what you do has a directly logical effect subjective to your inner reality immediately. Try to stay in your pillar of light all day-everyday to keep yourself ahead of what happens next with this galactic shift.


Your breathing has to be evenly paced, balanced and centered from the heart. Many people are unfortunately breathing unconsciously, with stops and breaks, or holding their breath often. This is because of the artificial veil of illusion that hooks and cords onto your vessel. This net tries to shorten your breath to drain you of your energy so it can feed it self. Sickness and disease such as asthma and other breathing disorders like anxiety and panic attacks are caused by this net. It helps if you do meditations where you are synchronizing the breaths you take with the beating of your heart. Get in the rhythm so when you’re going about your day-to-day activities you’re breathing like this everyday without even noticing.

3rd Eye control

If you want to open your third eye fully, you have to be able to control it. The muscles in your eyes and brain are what influences how you focus with your eye sight and third eye sight. The more you are able focus, control, and adjust your eyesight for etheric dynamics the better. Because there are alot of distractions, attachments, hooking and clinging negativity going on to attempt you to stop clearing and opening your third eye. Your phone, TV, computers, tablets, and laptops will all attempt to cling onto your skull and scan your third eye area while you are using them. This is because tech companies want to control the perspective of the human consciousness. Because perspective is everything.

When we scroll, what we don’t know what we are doing is telepathically connecting our eyesight with the phone screen. Because the every tech device has an etheric operating system, an etheric version of your mobile device will go right through the screen and attach to your third eye area to limit your functionality. This way the tech companies have influence over the parameters of what you are able to think about and pay attention to. So it helps to practice getting control of your eyesight. Do meditations in complete darkness when you breathe rhythmically and bring your energy up to your third eye area. Keep breathing and push your energy forward while keeping your eyes still the best you can. When you have your own life force blood pressure flooding your eyes and brain like this you begin to take your power and your own perspective back.

Your physical eyes are what your third eye views through. When you get control of your third eye energetically you be able to see with your physical eyes with your third eye sight like normal.  You an ask your higher selves to bring some medical healer angels into your space and ask them to disconnect the artificial frequencies. Have them stay with you and ask them do that after every time you are done using any tech device. You’re going to have to ask them alot of times at the beginning. They are happy to help you though, and they are glad you are even asking. Then you get stronger and more intuitive and nothing can connect to you any longer. Ask them to cut the operating systems, the tech devices, and the entities by the hooks and cords and remove them from your energy field.

Thought control

The mind can be controlled. It just depends if you are the one controlling it or not. Are there are outside influences affecting what you are thinking about? If there are then you are letting that happen. Because your mind is yours and nobody elses. Your mind is your sanctuary and houses your discernments on how you want to feel and the protocol of that programming of your belief systems. Nobody can walk into your house and start telling you what to say to yourself and what you should be doing and what you should believe about yourself. Unless that’s what you want them to do.

There are things that we can do to become more conscious of what is influencing our thoughts. When a negative thought goes off in your head stop and look at what you were just paying attention to. What were you listening to? What were you thinking about before that? Especially if you were watching tv or scrolling on a phone. It helps to understand that all tech devices are used for subtle mind control along with apps like instagram, tv streaming services like netflix, and the obvious mainstream media.

Starting to understand how to control your mind is like learning how to drive. And your heart is where you are located, driving it. Always begin any clearing process from there. When you focus your breath while bringing your breath up into your head, you will flood out negative thoughts. Especially if you are in a pillar of light.

Emotional control

Emotions are just like thoughts. If you feel enough into a specific emotion you will get the program of what that emotion is as thought of actual consciousness. The same goes for the location of the emotion or thought. They are all energy, and they can approach you at any area of your body. For example if you feel a wave of sadness from the back right area of your body all you would have to do is feel into it.

What you might sense as a program is “I’m depressed” or “I’m not enough”. You would immediately resolve that it is not your program and then promptly ask your team of angels and higher selves to remove it. Then you would readjust and realign your own frequency to where you want to be in your own Light Pillar. Its as simple as that. Because if you aren’t feeling it that means you don’t want it. So using this philosophy will help you where you want to feel as you shift your energy into the best and highest good for yourself and for those around you :)

When you master these fundamentals your inner Universe begins to expand and layer over the outer realm of 3d and 4D and 5D consciousness. You begin to bring esoteric sciences into manifestation though the physics of the breathing and beating of your own heart, with your own heart. You become the largest etheric being in your territory and the consciousness of the others around you improve from this higher perspective.

Expanding your auric field and commanding etheric space like this can only come with diligent practice after being subjected to the natural phenomenon of the field around you. It may take months or years to get it. However when you get it, you get it. Especially when you know yourself for who you are and you get a good feeling of where you exist within yourself at your zero realm, from a heart based resonance level.  When you expand outward from there first nothing can stand in your way because you become clarity itself!

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