The good part about awakening is that the clearer you get the more you can sense.

As you mature and get more refined in your awakening process, your day-to-day as an empath will change. You will start to feel more energy, on a much higher level, and you will pick up more energy on a subtle level, even when you aren’t trying to sense anything at all.

However there has been a notion about awakening, that being able to feel everything around you is not a good thing. Yet it actually can be a good thing. You just need to figure out how to control what you tune into.

When you are able to feel into a room and intuitively figure out the exact types thoughtforms, energy beings, and the exact energy signatures that are throughout it, you are a very conscious and very powerful being. Being totally aware of what is going on around you is the first survival skill you will need if you want to keep waking up.

meaning-of-the-Etheric-BodyAlot of us empaths are thrown into the fire so-to-speak when we are seemingly involuntarily empathically subject to all sorts of stuff we didn’t want to feel. However, instead of wishing you couldn’t feel so much the most powerful thing you can do is learn how to control your new superpower.

Empathically tuning and feeling and sensing is a superhuman ability that most individuals take for granted. Because when your senses turn on, it means you’re now responsible for your feelings and your awareness 100%. Especially when others aren’t understanding what they’re doing acknowledging whats going on with their emotions or energy.

Remove Fear

Being awake and activated and being able to feel so much can be daunting, however, the first thing you need to do is take control of and deprogram any fear of feeling too much. This is a very basic fear that most starseeds and empaths have successfully been able to master after being awake and activated for a few years. And the only way to get control of this is to have trust in yourself, and in your inner capacities.

A good practice to remove this fear is to practice reading energy and then stopping reading energy. Go into energy, and then stop at a moments notice.  And then go into energy, get more information, and then stop at another moments notice. Learn how deep you can go into an energy and observe how much information you can extrapolate. Then practice how shallow you can go into an energy and how much information you retain. Knowing your parameters like this can be a life saver when having really developed capabilities to be able to read energy from anywhere or anyone.

Heal Yourself

Another really good way to get control of your empathic capability is to heal yourself. Close the holes in your aura. Always continually be taking all hooks and attachments off of your body. Always make sure there arent any beings in or near your energy field besides your Higher Self. Because when there is less stuff on you, and less access to you, you will in result feel way less of anything anybody else has on them.

The main reason why people get afraid of being able to sense too much energy is because they haven’t mastered their ability to stop sensing energy unconsciously, and only be able to do it when they want to. Yes there are some situations where energy is projected from others, or from masses and it is almost absolutely unavoidable to sense unwanted energy. Yet its also important to believe and know that you will be able to clear anything off of you.

This is critical if you really want to develop and catapult yourself into your own full clarity. You have to fully understand there isn’t anything to be afraid of.

And there still more ways to keep control of yourself and master exactly when you want to feel energy outside your auric field, and when you don’t want to.

Another way is to make sure your awareness is fully placed inside your body. This is important because most people walk around with their awareness on the outside edges of their aura, while they get irritated by basic little things, because they don’t realize they are pulling energy towards them unconsciously, while they are not fully in their body.

They should be sensing and feeling from inside their body, from their heart. When you stay inside your body and feel from your heart, you feel from the most sensitive area you have, and you are the most safe from there.

If you find yourself irritated by minor, irrational things, stop and do an awareness check. Ask yourself are you in your body? Check for what part of your body your awareness is residing in. And then re-align back to your heart center.

Always use your Higher Self to your advantage.

They are there to help you. Ask them if its safe to read an energy, or if it isn’t. Sometimes some things will appear and your Higher Self will say, don’t read that energy. And they will save you lots of pain and countless hours of clearing.

Always practice shielding while you are empathically sensing the phenomena around you, before, during, and after you are done. Then have your higher self remove any attachments that may have been from the subject you were reading.

Be cautious, and be smart. Practice makes perfect.

The more you practice, and the more real-time situations you find yourself in where you can put your practice to work, the less and less fear ever appears. Until its gone completely.

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