As you grow as an empath and you begin to sense more of what is going on around you, you will notice that your capacity for sensing energy has become more keen, and in result, your capacity for holding energy and emotion has grown much larger. Because you can sense and feel more deeply, this means that you can now fine tune exactly how you want your own energy to be on a day-to-day basis.

This is a massive advantage. Having super senses to feel deeply into anything that you want to literally catapults you to a high level of anything you now want to do in your life. You become more efficient, intelligent, calculated, and more directly powerful. You learn faster, by being able to pull in more information at a quicker rate, you perform better at any task because you intuitively have more information about it.

And you’ll be a stronger empath as time goes on because you have more profoundly resonant energy for you to perpetuate your emotions off just by your ability to completely control how you want to feel at any second at any time.  Your words will hit harder in social situations and you will never feel misunderstood. Why? Because you’ll know that you know yourself. And 9 times out of 10 you will know yourself deeper than anybody else knows themselves in any room you are in.

This is how brilliant artists, authors, speakers, and writers can seemingly create entire worlds that they illustrate and compose directly from their own imagination. Because they are in total control in their own strength and brilliance of their inner state of who they truly are.

maxresdefaultIf you truly know you are an empath or a starseed, then you should know that you have a responsibility for yourself to monitor, evaluate, and discern your levels of energy and emotion for yourself, while understanding is something that nobody else can do for you. And also please understand that most people today will not do these things for themselves, so don’t let that stop you. You are the Creator of your own experience.

Today its a popular thing for struggling starseeds to believe that awakening can be a negative thing to happen to them. Primarily because they haven’t grown enough into their abilities and matured enough into themselves yet to fully control how deeply they are sensing the surrounding energy around them. They don’t understand how powerful they can actually be. Read more about this here. So it is important for them to know that with more power comes more responsibility.

Learning How to Choose What You Want

Its obvious that you would never want to hold energy inside of you that isn’t for you, that isn’t yours, or that isn’t going to help you. Yet people do this everyday. Some are unaware they are doing it. And some are very aware of doing it and do this willingly. Why? Because they think its necessary. They think that “they cannot have the highs without the lows” because they rediculously think “the lows are necessary to feel how high the highs are” and they are stuck in a fundamental cognitive dissonance of duality that is too large around them for them to see their way out.

When you have a person that continually chooses to be stressed out, or irritated, or annoyed at little things when they are very well off, and physically healthy, even when in the past they were barely surviving, or were close to death, they aren’t in control of their thoughts and emotions.

They cannot see how little trivial things are that cause minor inconveniences, and they allow those things to trigger them. This means they are not choosing themselves first. They are still allowing themself to be controlled by outside circumstances.

Again, why would they do this? Because they are getting a quick dopamine shot from triggers that they refuse to heal. They don’t see that they are creating their emotional state. They prefer the incompletion of duality and instant gratification. They don’t know how good their inner experience can get. They don’t know what bliss feels like. They dont know what unconditional joy feels like. They don’t know how they want to feel. And they dont know how small of a blip a minor inconvenience, is on the timespan of eternity.

Create your own Heaven Inside of You

When you realize that you can feel energy on a deeper level than before, you then realize that you are in full control over how you feel, so now these new senses can work for you, instead of against you.

So the energy that you do want to hold within yourself day-today has a much wider spectrum and a deeper resonance of where you want your mood to be everyday. You can choose to be in an inner state of where you choose, or not.

However, when you do choose to be in a positive state, it doesn’t mean that you’re walking around overly happy like you’re an actor or something. It means that you understand the full scope of human emotion and you choose to be balanced. It does not mean that you do not ever experience anger, pain, sadness, etc. It just mean that you choose not to ride with those emotions if they are ever triggered. You choose to pivot out of them every time.

When you do choose you’re choosing unconditional love, peace, joy, bliss, compassion, strength, oneness, unity, and harmony as your BASE LEVEL personality resonance. This means that when hiccups hit you in life you always choose to pivot back into where you choose to be, because you are the God or Goddess of your Reality, and you do not allow anything from outside of you to control you. Ever.

You continue to glide on your Golden Cloud in your golden energy while still in your physical body like an embodied version of your Higher Self. You enjoy the state that you choose, and you do not fall for the delusion of depression and pain for subconscious pleasure. You know who you are and there are no more questions asked about that.

So when minor inconveniences hit in life unexpectedly, you learn how to pivot! Understand and it and tell yourself that you understand and that you will not allow a minor inconvenience to take you out of your resonance, or trigger you or way you out of your preferred energetic and emotional state. Then get right back into the Golden God or Golden Goddess Zone that you are!!

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