This year 2023 equals the number 7, which in numerology equals collective consciousness. The number 7 also means gateway, doorway or portal from one place to the other. This year is going to be a year of transition into greater prosperity for the collective.  This year has a very light harmonious energy to it, with vibrations of victory, and 7th Dimensional Consciousness.

2023 is going to conglomerate many different perspectives into one venue where the similarities of different viewpoints will be more eminent than our differences. As time goes on this year, its going to be more and more obvious that we are living in a collective sphere and that every action, every word, every emotion, and every thing that anybody does, does actually matter.

This year kicks off the next 10 year stretch of our Cosmic Awakening after December 21, 2012, the start of the Age of Aquarius, after the Mayan calendar ended a little over 10 years ago. Since then, time ceased to exist in a linear fashion so what we create by Galactic Law and Free Will is what we are going to get!

2023 is the year of the council collective, both individually and as an entire population of people. On a global population level, we are going to see the “for the people, by the people” dynamic return and we will be able to watch all the truth about many recent events reported over the past few years in world politics and in global business be unveiled. This year is the very beginning for the masses finally being able to choose what they want for themselves, instead of only having fixed, crooked, or inappropriate choices to choose from for global leaders, global news media platforms, global healthcare, etc.

As the collective vibration goes up and as we become aware of ourselves creating everything with our thoughts, words, and actions, your own manifestational ability may also begin to rise in your own sphere.

So you may want to ask yourself: what do you want to create? what do you want to experience this year? who do I want to be around? what type of person to I want to continue becoming? Because this year the power is in your court. You get to choose what you want, and you have the final say of what goes.

This year is about getting into who you are, being sure about who you are, trusting yourself with who you are, and going forward with it. This is a year of stepping into your own collective soul and embodying more of your soul stream as more aspects, characteristics, talents, and strengths of your higher selves, as yourself, As One Being.

Your inner collective is who is with you everyday and is who is helping you make simple everyday and major life decisions. Whether it is what food to get from the grocery store, what job offer to take, or what friends to hang out with—on which day to hang out with them.

This council is you as much as you are them. When you stay connected to your own soul council, and you value their opinions, your maturity level raises, and you energetic clarity becomes much more improved, and you navigate your life much better, making better choices. The members of your soul council may be aspects of yourself such as you, your higher self, your creator self, you highest ET version of self, and your angels. This is the year to be in consistent contact with them and really anchor a real connection.

So when you find yourself faced with challenging situations, turn inward. Ask your higher self for guidance. Ask your inner collective for their take on things. Ask what personal development you should implement, and what upgrades you should move forward with. Because all you need can be found within. Allow yourself to be bold and to face the things you can’t avoid with no fear, and you will come through victorious.

Victory is the theme for 2023. We have come to a point where the tide is turning after the past few years, and the storm is starting to subside and clear up. Your angels are right beside you, and they see how far you have come, as well as everything that you have been through. Continue forward and rejoice into 7D Consciousness this year!

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