Numerology-Number-7July is the 7th month, in the year 2023, which adds up to the number 7. After the stargate day July 7th, 2023 (7.7.7) our time is speeding up and we’re experiencing more of the now in the present moment than we ever have before. An alignment into the center of the galaxy through sirius and Pleiades opened up in the sky. From here multidimensional lightcodes poured down and the 7.7.7. stargate was activated.

Later this month, after we have grounded the energy to the core of the planet, the energy has since expanded out through the planet’s surface, through everything and everyone on the surface.

Moving forward from here, it is important for you to realize how powerful the number 7 is and how it can be used as a number of initiation to fuel your awakening.

The number seven itself represents a transition from one place to another, through a doorway. It can also represent your own personal stargate through the seven circles of creation found at the core of the Flower of Life. The famous story how the world was created in 7 days was taken from the 7 circles inside The Flower of Life.

The number seven is often used in esoterics, ancient civilizations, and is also a very popular number galactic councils use very often. There are 7 Pleiades Stars known as the 7 Sisters because in the etheric realms, each star is an Angel Goddess, and together they are a council of angels.

There are 7 Ascension Rays of light in the light spectrum, making up the infinite amount of colors we are able to perceive. The color spectrum shows us the capacity of creation and how these seven perfect fundamental hues of vibrational speed, emotion, and energy can express themselves as infinite white light, or as any creation like a planet, a moon, an entire civilization, or any creation that a creator being can think of.

There are 7 major chakras made up of these colors in the Human Mind Body Energy Field. Mastering each of these seven dynamics of energetic capacity is the most profound thing you can do to attain enlightenment. The mastery of all 7 chakras means that you will be able to use each chakra together in unison and live in your reality above the underworld, in a 5th dimensional foundation with an immersive compassion, joy, peace and abundance while being detached enough to avoid attachment and fear.

This entire month has very eminent stargate energy, and the alignment of 7s will not happen again for quite some time. So take some time and meditate on this energy and work it for yourself and for others around you. Because this month is a very potent time for manifestation for what you truly want. This month can mean a new beginning, so take the initiative and move forward into your own prosperity. Ask you Higher Self what is most important for you to be focusing on at this time. Allow them to guide you and listen for their answers with your heart.

For more information on how you can work with the number 7 with your higher selves this month, refer to my last post on the number 7 here.

If one of the things you want to manifest is world peace and healthy weather, I highly recommend you do the 7.7.7 Air Clear Frequency Meditation I created for July 7th. Listen to it here

~ Much Love and Blessings :)

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