galactic_lionLion’s Gate hits it’s peak on 8.8. The number 8 represents power of abundance in numerology. This month this energy is the abundance of heart energy. 2023 is year 7, the year of collective consciousness. To most adequately work with Lion’s Gate this year, you’ll want to focus on believing in yourself, and believing in others, and how they have collective  power of global awakening to activate their own hearts for global change.

It takes 3.14% (PI Ratio) of a population of people with their Hearts fully and Cosmically activated to make a shift. Work on your own activation first, and then you’ll begin to see how awakened others begin to become around you.

Lion’s Gate is here, and in full force. The eminence and richness of this energy resounds deeply from the cosmic core of the Heart of the galaxy, connecting to the center of the universe. Lion’s Gate is about showing up and remembering who you are. Its about believing in yourself. Its about believing in others, and showing them unconditional love no matter what.

This time of year is a time of remembrance of the soul and the resonance of who you are, and that will shine true to that effect. The Sirius – Orion Constellation is aligning in the sky to open a gateway to the galactic center where these lightcodes will come pouring through. The three stars in the middle of Orion’s belt will align perfectly over the 3 pyramids in Egypt.

The energy is at a peak to be able to access the most amount of memories and high-level experiences than any other time of year. Use this time to connect with your Lyran Higher Self and ask them what you should focus on in meditation this Lion’s Gate and how to activate it.

The Lion’s Gate Energy will help you access the power of your Heart’s Energy. It will bring in a profound and powerful feeling of Unconditional Love and embodiment of that Love energy for you to work with, access, and become.

Each time a Lion’s Gate Portal comes every August, you should be working with your Heart and remembering more and more about who you truly are and why you’re here.

Get into your Heart and think from there. Breath in even breaths  and synchronize with the vibrations that reverberate with your every heartbeat to allow your own cosmic energy from the Galactic Center to move through you. Feel as your heart. Become your Heart.

This time of year is the most powerful because Lyrans are one of the Largest Humanoid Extraterrestrials there are. Because they are one of the largest, they have the biggest hearts, which means they hold one of the largest amounts Unconditional Love in the Universe.

Your Lyran Higher Self is here to help you access these activations and past life memories. Ask your Lyran Higher Self how to incorporate these insights into a grounded solution to shift your life into 5D every day, more and more.

There is no coincidence that the Astrology sign Leo is ruled by the Heart, and how that works perfectly in that venue.

~Much Love and Blessings :)


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