2016-5-5_Angel-Number-1111_blog-thumb2Every year in November on the 11th day there is a stargate where synchronicity is at its highest. On this day the numbers align in a direct way to streamline your highest state of being immediately down to your current reality.

The number one is a number that will show you how to arrive and how to push forward and build on what you have worked on in your reality. It is a multidimensional travelers number. 1111 is a code that tells you when you have arrived into a new reality shift, and the next reality shift, and so on.

It will tell you where you are going, where you have come from, and how long you have been on your path. This number is specifically relevant on this day because when you work with it, it shows you how connected you are to who you are, who you were, and who you continue to be in the future.

In numerology the number 1 represents oneness, knowledge, awareness, and self actualization. This actualization of the self is the theme for this years 11.11.2023 stargate.

You chose yourself to awaken. You are One so to speak. Not “the one” like “Neo” in “The Matrix”. However you have been chosen by your higher selves to awaken and become one with them. When you begin to synchronize and spin your own energy up into your own Soul Stream and integrate your Higher Selves into your life, you become a walking Tree of Life awakened and aligned to your highest reality.

In personal development it takes about 7 years  cycle back to the same level of where you used to be. After 7 years although you may be in a different place, possibly surrounded by different people, the fundamentals of what you’re working on are the same. After this 7 year cycle its wise to find out if you can upgrade into better understanding of where you are, instead of falling into regression.

11.11 is a great day to look back and review through these past 7 years and take a look at your awakening and how you may want to work on those same things from 7 years ago smarter, wiser, or better than you once had. Think about where you were, what you were doing everyday, who your friends were and what your strengths were. Then continue to work towards your strengths.

You are a different person now and much more wise and alot more strong than you were 7 years ago. Honor yourself and hold yourself to your dedication to your personal awakening, instead of not taking advantage of this special time and falling back into regression.

This 11.11 is shortly to be accompanied by a new moon on 11.13 which is absolutely phenomenal to your awakening, especially to your manifestation. New moons provide a blank slate and a clear energy medium in order for you to manifest what you want.

From all the inner work and due diligence you do today on 11.11, you’ll want to think about the goals you have from those things you’re still working on 7 years later. This new moon is special. Work with your Higher Selves and ask them to get your your 11.11. upgrades so you can continue to manifest along this journey and find out what more you can create with them in this lifetime.

Happy 11.11!

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