12gatewayDecember is the 12th month of the year representing the end of the gregorian calendar. Furthermore it represents the last changes you can implent this year to lock in and give that final push towards your goals in your awakening in the year 2023. This month has a very eminent energy of unconditional love and the Christed Spirit coming through because Christmas is just right around the corner. This month’s energy will show you how to be more in your heart and more presently aware in the now moment.

Today is the 12th day of December, and on 12/12 there is a galactic gateway that opens up to the Galactic Center on a New Moon until the Winter Solstice 12/21/2023. This is a magical gateway when time ceases to exist and we become more embodied into the Universal Christed energy of the entire universe as One expression of Self. This is also the time when the star of Bethlehem brilliantly appears once every few decades.

12/21/2023 is also the 11th anniversary of the Mayan Calendar ending, where time officially began to no longer be controlled by malicious will, kicking off the Age of Aquarius where Galactic Law of Divine Will officially is in effect.

There are 12 months in a year. There are 12 signs in the zodiac. There are 12 hours on a clock.

The number 12 especially represents time and the mastery over it. Time is pliable, bendable, malleable, and manipulatable. It is all these things in your own experience, making it subjective and a complete objective reality. The saying time flies when you’re having fun is very true. It is also the same for when you engage your energy in doing an activity over and over again. Time begins to speed up for you.


If you add the numbers on a clock horizontally you will get 12 every time, because the math that time is measured by is also the structure of reality.

When you gain mastery over time from the paradigm of existence from your inner space, you become a very very powerful being. Your limits begin to fall away and you begin to be able to have more control over who you are and your outcome in anything that you do.

You can go back into your own memory and heal yourself to become better in the future for your best and highest outcome. You begin to see the future before it happens, as it happens and you get very strong pre-emptive hunches. Your intuition becomes supercharged and you can think quicker on your feet to keep yourself aligned for those instant split second decisions you have to make to keep yourself moving towards your goals.

These are the things to work on during this 12/12 stargate. Work on honing your intuition and making it stronger, clearer, and more eminent. Work on that until you are able to physically hear your inner voice with your throat chakra and inner ear chakras. Eliminate fear and tightness from your throat and the chakra on the back of your neck and clear your stomach. Your gut feeling is usually always right the first time. When you have an energetically clear stomach and throat you will experience so much more on your inner reality.

The Universal Energy Body

On a higher level, the number 12 also represents a closed system of reality where there are 12 foundational dimensional paradigms of Universal existence.

During this time its important to understand the Universal Expression of self, in this 12-Level Dimensional paradigm as a Universal Energy Body. There are many versions of you, in this One Universal Energy Body. A Universal Energy Body is very large, and works like a Tree of Life. Each person has their own Universal Energy Body. The base of this Tree of Life Energy Body has 12 Levels.

In these levels, you exist with 12 dimensional versions of yourself beginning most familiar, as your vessel in 3D physical reality.

Your 3rd dimensional version of self is then leveled up to your 4th dimensional of self which is then graduated by your 5th Dimensional Christed Version of Self. After graduating to the 5th Dimension, your 5th Dimensional Consciousness of self becomes the standard of your understanding of Universal Reality. After you understand the entire Universe as a Cosmic Christed Creation then you begin to transmute your dark higher selves and reimplement them on your Soul Stream along with your light higher selves.

Work with your soul stream this December and become more of yourself because it’s time to keep pushing forward into who you are. Finish this year strong and get into your power and reclaim more of your reality by mastering more of your inner space. The choice is yours!

~Peace and Blessings :)

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