Keeping Your Aura Clear

In our day-to-day lives in this modern age where technology is running rampant, we need to dial our focus and learn to live from the inside out. The inside of ourselves is where we find our truth, and our most resonant and sacred state of being. If we truly find out who we are on […]

How to Hear Your Higher Self

If your intention is to connect with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, you should learn how to sense resonance. Its easier than you think. If you’ve ever been able to sense if a person is angry without them saying anything, then you’re halfway there. Or if you’ve ever been able to sense if a […]

Becoming Empathic: Tuning Into Energy

It’s been proven that all technology is nothing but a cheap imitation of the true capacity of a human being. The human being is the originator of all technology primarily for the fact that anything¬†any “smart”phone or tablet can do has been taken from the insight of the energetic, telekenetic and telempathic ability of the […]

A Brief Interview With A Super Psychic

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet briefly with one of the worlds most highly psychic individuals, Inge Bardor. Inge has had the term super psychic coined about her because she is capable to know anything about anyone at any time from any distance. Granted having supersenses that she has had to […]