Are you feeling blocked energetically or emotionally? Or does your aura seem to just be energetically muddy and in need of a tune up?

Do you have aches and pains going throughout your body? Do you feel in different areas of your body where there seems to pressure and discomforts such as itching and stinging? Or dull pains, headaches, nausea, lower back pains, skin rashes, pressure in the head, twitchy nerves, double vision, blurry vision, dulled hearing, sharp sounds, pinging and tones in the ears, skin rashes, skin inflammation or puffiness?

These issues could be numerous negative energetic blockages that any person can pick up throughout the day. To stay clear you can do the clearing work yourself or you can have someone help bring in the energy with you to clear your blockages and get better quicker.

In this session I will help you totally clear your chakras from 1-8, strengthen your connection to Source then, coach you in toroidal breathing and train you on how properly spin your energy. I will also intuitively target the problem areas in particular that may be causing you pain physically and help you correlate the issues to your emotional health to help you heal and clear both areas. 

During our healing session my 5th Dimensional Higher Self and your Higher Self will happily answer your questions you may have about your energy field regarding clarity, upkeep, maintenance, grounding, emotional states, etc.

Nothing Is Solid & Everything Is Energy – Scientists Explain The World of Quantum PhysicsFor the healing I will bring in energy with the Golden Christed healing energy ray, the Christed Flame and the Violet Flame. The Christed Ray is the Golden Ray that calms, and soothes the Mind. The Christed Flame is the Flame of Ascension that incinerates dis-ease of the Mind body, emotional body, and physical body. The Violet flame is a flame of transmutation that will then clean up any dark negative energy left by untwisting the negative energy into coherent positively flowing higher light energy.

This healing is for individuals in particular who are sensitive to energy and who are open to getting better while helping themselves heal emotionally at the same time. You must have a real understanding that the only way healing can take place is if you truly are ready to allow yourself to flow with and integrate the new energy.


Here are some testimonials this healing/reading offering:


My sister’s difficult skin condition was healed by your 5 min violet flame last year that couldn’t be soothed by thousands of dollars on alternative treatment. You are great :)



I was able to feel the exact moment when you sent the healing. I felt a lot better, and believe I’m still feeling the effects days after. The message is very helpful, and everything I needed to hear. I can actually feel the positive energy when I read the words.”

-Luciana S.


Thank you Jerrel.

I was asleep during the time you sent me healing with the violet flame. When I woke up I felt a warmth in my whole aura and the heart especially. I didn’t have as vivid dreams as I usually have, which was very nice, I felt well rested. Thank you for the grounding advice and for the message of being present and aware of my energy at all times. I definitely need to be careful about whom I exchange energy with, especially in this country where many people do not have respect for personal space.

-December S.


I felt your healing energy, especially on my heart, solar plexus (and back) crown and third eye. It was easy to meditate and apply what you shared to me, especially on being one with Archangel Michael and my angels. I also did my golden sphere of energy, and took back my divine energy from these creatures, and gave them love… I also read your reading for Abby, wherein I learn more about working with AA Michael… I’m going to study more from your site, everything there seems helpful for my path. I really look up to you :) Thank you so much for the reading



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After your order please allow 24-48 hours for your reading. Also send me a recent photo of you and let me know what time of day in your time zone is best for you to receive the healing energy either over the phone or through e-mail correspondance. Much Love and Blessings