Dear Beings of Light,
It is with great Unconditional Love and Honor after 7 long years of work I present to you this creation from my Heart. This oracle deck illustrates the illuminated Christed Tao Frequency of Oneness beyond duality. It features the Ascended Masters, Angel Archetypes, and Galactic Master Archetypes that have profound messages of Strength, Wisdom, Healing and Unconditional Love for you.
It features the enlightened animal kingdom and shows you how to embody the strengths and qualities of animals while regarding them as teachers. It features Mystical Places to visit on Earth and in the Astral to unlock the capacity of the Human Mind, Body, and Soul to be fully integrated here on the planet Earth. It teaches the fundamentals of the Universe and shows you the eminent capacity of the infinite nature of Creation.
This oracle deck will help show you the meaning of self-development, clarity, peace, and fortitude of the self. This oracle deck will help you connect to your inner space and astral travel and unlock worlds deep within you that you may have never thought possible to experience. This oracle deck will show you how to think for yourself, and how to think on your feet as a grounded, growing tool for practical multidimensional survival.


Much Love and Many Blessings,




This Oracle Deck is dialed into 5th Dimensional Quantum Consciousness to show you high vibrational concepts and frequency elevating lessons that will guide you to higher levels of your awakening. It was meticulously hand-drawn, hand-painted and handcrafted with a channeled guidebook written to shift you into a deeper version of your self and guide you towards your spiritual goals.


Over 82 handcrafted color-pencil and ink illustrated high definition portraits of 5th Dimensional Quantum Light Consciousness


These cards come pre-activated with Quantum Functionality that will bring the energy of the subject into your field for an interactive experience. The unique frequency signature of each card will take you places or bring the experience of the subject to you when you connect and allow the energy to show you what its all about


High-Definition 90-Page Printed Guidebook

guidebook_mockupThis guide book was channeled and handwritten from a 5th dimensional space, bringing you highly detailed and easy to understand soul attuned card descriptions, simple definitions and profound meanings. All 82 cards are printed in very High Definition quality and have their own pages. The book cover comes covered with a sleeve that is also high definition printed that fits perfectly over the handy-size of the book.


Fully Glossed Durable Card Stock

cbacks_mockupEach card comes double sided with a High-Gloss Coating on a sturdy and durable 4×6 Card Stock. The back of each card features a beautiful Quantum Design with a border to accentuate the Lightcodes exuding from the center.


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