Quantum Conscious Coaching is a program that is geared toward the individuals who are ready to dive deeper inside themselves and develop their inherent eternal consciousness to expand and match it with their outside reality. This program is for the people who are looking to progress further on their life path while moving toward what is most in their highest and most wise interest. It is for the people who know themselves well enough to know that their state of well-being in life currently reflects a decision to either 180 totally or to start moving in a slightly newer, fresher and more heart-centered resonant direction into what’s next.

In this program we help you progress, move toward and accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself in a solid reprogramming methodology from a grounded perspective. You will begin to see how you can start stepping deeper into your reality and begin reprogramming yourself into the higher version of yourself—whom once connected with, begins helping you consciously create your preferred reality from the here and now. If you are ready to get in tune and jump into a higher level of interaction with your reality and embody a clearer level of understanding within yourself then I invite you to the Quantum Conscious Methodology!


Restructuring Inner reality

We help you begin shifting your reality by stepping forward into your personal truth

Week 1: Identifying your fundamental core life values and programming them into a positive shifting practice

Week 2: Cultivating a higher vibrating body frequency feeling based off your values

Week 3: Reprogramming negative thought loops to positively resonant thoughts oriented from your values


Disarming The Negative Ego

We help you identify and deprogram the negative thoughts of the subconscious

Week 4: Not identifying with negative thoughts or with the Mind and neutrally observing your stream of thought

Week 5: Identifying the why to change internally and knowing what you deserve (self love) and identifying snares or trigger points that sabotage

Week 6: Finding your inner voice and discerning yourself from any and all thought


Perception: Relationships and Situations

We help you understand how to navigate your reality from a compassionately detached energetic state outside of time

Week 7: Knowing your parameters of feeling and not falling into emotional traps of others

Week 8: Holding your space energetically and staying empathically detached


Raising Your Vibration

We help you increase your energy levels and understand the human body cosmically

Week 9: Understanding the body as a cosmic instrument of resonance through your breath, circulation, and active energy patterns

Week 10: Identifying superfoods, supplements and potential workouts to help increase frequency levels to hit a stride of higher focused energy and inner power


Stepping Into Power: Skillset development

We help you engage the skillsets which are most beneficial to your strengths to manifestation

Week 11: Identifying and engaging in the habitual disciplines of each skillset will take to attain mastery

Week 12: Recording progress and reflecting for continual improvement


Each week is full of personal development re-programming exercises, Higher Self embodiment activations, and awareness boosting mini-meditations. We may start on any specific week out of the system depending on where you are in your development or what you feel is most relevant for you to be working on at this time and then we will go from there on a month-to-month basis. We may also work you through the other issues that naturally come up in conversation and help you process those one-on-one.

The basis of this system is to get you aligned enough and clear enough to be able to monitor, record, and develop yourself into clarity to be able to consistently shift and continually shift into higher levels of achievement. Success is not guaranteed and will only come with work put into it however you’ll have a heck of a higher shot at it when you have all of your blind spots identified so you can see exactly what you have to do, and how you can do it along with the support.

This a full 12-week commitment unless you decide not to make it so which means of course you are free to discontinue at anytime with no questions asked. Big gratitude and much love to you!!!!

For a week-to-week Donation of $55  as an equal energy exchange (valued to you)

30-Day Unconditional Happiness Guarantee!!
Or your money back