As beings incarnated here on Earth we all have specific multidimensional functions and multidimensional needs to fit those functions to ensure our health and proper functioning awareness within multiple dimensions. Each person has 7 chakras and an auric field which basically is made up of seven layers consisting of in this order:

  1. Etheric Body
  2. Emotional Body
  3. Mental Body
  4. Astral Body
  5. Template Body
  6. Celestial Body
  7. Causal Body

All of these energy bodies combine as one to make up your auric field. It wraps around your body like an egg extending 2 to 31/2 feet containing every thought, emotion, experience and intention you harbor within yourself consciously or unconsciously. Your seven chakras also work harmoniously in this fashion within your aura.

What I’m able to do is connect with your auric field through Universal collective consciousness and bring in a wide array of healing energy and activation. The service rendered is on the quantum level with your Template Body, and Etheric Body however it may also have healing adjustment within your lower and upper bodies.

Please understand it is not me who is healing you it is you who is allowing the potential of your own being to come into effect for your own healing to take place.

Chakra Activation, Clearing and Enhancement:

activate-your-chakras-625x249 Each of your chakras are energy centers for different areas of your emotions, psyche, and bodily function. Your chakras act as multidimensional gateways to bring in multidimensional light energy and filter the energy into the frequency specific to the bandwidth the chakra functions on. What I do is go in open and activate each chakra significantly increasing the amount of energy able to move through each energy center.

Upon activation I then allow the energy to swirl and call upon the Violet Flame of Transmutation to clear out any blockages residing in each chakra to turn those blockages into light. The Violet Flame is a very intelligent healing modality based of Unconditional Love as it is a form of ether that sweeps in your chakras to loosen up the atoms and knock loose any stagnant energy that is causing you dis-ease. It sweeps in and frees the energy stuck within the afflicted atoms that will have no choice but to start spinning coherently and transmute into higher-ordered light.

Then I bring in Golden Christed energy and filter the energy through each chakra, allowing each energy center to work more efficiently, and at a higher energetic capacity. Golden Light is the highest light you can possibly work with besides white light as pure Source Energy. The Golden Light is brought directly from the Great Grand Central Sun (the center of the Universe) encoded with Metatronic Frequency to trigger DNA enhancement.

Archangel Divine Love Attunement:

A14_1Throughout the healing sessions I will be working with my core crew of Archangels Metatron, Michael and Zadkiel. After the initial energy work we bring in a ray of Divine Love. What is ailing you specifically will determine the remedy ray of light frequency initiated by one of these Archangels.

Archangel Zadkiel will help us initiate the Violet Ray which will transmute any residual darkness left within and around your aura to turn it all into light. It will beam down with Divine, Unconditional Love shining intently allowing any fragmented energy to either work it’s way out of your aura or to be transmuted into higher organized, coherent light.

Archangel Michael will help us initiate the Blue Ray which will shine down as a pillar of Divine protection accompanied by his sword descending into your crown chakra instantly shocking any attachment or negative frequency left in your aura to blow it out of existence. The Blue Ray will then continue to shine Unconditionally soothing the afflicted areas from the attachments and negative energy.

Archangel Metatron will help us initiate the Violet and Green Metatronic Ray which will shine down softly as a pillar of Divine Unconditional Love blanketing the auric field with the pure intention of nothing but Love gently lifting out any negativity and attachment of malevolent nature. It nurtures the entire auric field and physical body into a frequency of bliss and grace warming the soul and reducing any aches and pains of the physical body into relief.

These healings require a large amount of time, focus and energy so you are welcome to donate the amount you are guided to give. The amount you deem appropriate will be deeply appreciated and will help this website stay online to help others in need

*Please understand when you are truly ready to let go of the negative energy and blockages residing within your aura consisting of old belief patterns and programming is the moment when you will feel the results of the attunement. When you’re open to receiving the Divine Light you’re opening yourself to a shift into higher consciousness where negative programs cannot have any effect.

*It’s also a process. Some individuals may feel the energy immediately while others may feel nothing at first and then a subtle shift of clearer cognition and increments of energy. I assure you 1000% the healing is taking place and it will work as long as you allow the energy to flow and continue to let it be from within your heart.

*If you’re interested you’ll have to be open to receiving the energy attunement. Send an e-mail to with your first and last name along with a recent picture of you. We can then set up a time along with a brief followup.




Wow beautiful my friend!! I definitely feel the energy as of now. I feel more grounded and more energized in general I’ve been really low energy and needed a clearing immensely!! I feel the energy running through me but I feel very grounded at the same time.  My crown chakra is definetly buzzing so yes you did connect :)!! Much love and blessings

~Sandia V.

Today I feel a significant lack of resistance and ease of being, my energy levels are higher and I am more outgoing than usual – I feel like some unconscious shame and guilt have been removed and maybe even fear – I have been going this direction for a while, but feel a huge boost/shift since yesterday, will continue to report as I observe my self in the coming days, my heart feels more open too, thank you for your service, I am sure it has made a great difference!

~Jorgen L.