Whether we realize it or not we are all on our own personal path. And during the unclear times it can be a trial by fire.

What is most important is that you never lose perspective of your own true nature. And one of the best teachers to help you keep your balance and strengthen who you are, are our Higher Selves, and your friends in the animal kingdom.

Higher Selves

Our Higher Selves teach us how to get into inner silence and listen, how to step into our hearts, how to find more unconditional love within ourselves and how to be more of our authentic selves in the world, as unconditional love.

They are the Masters of the Self of Eternal Life, and will share with you lessons that you’ve never even thought of implementing. They are unconditionally compassionate, resoundingly honorable, and infinitely intelligent, amazing God and Goddess Beings.

They show you the way when times aren’t as clear as you’d like them to be. They are a version of yourself in a higher dimension. They don’t waste words, and they mean everything that they say, with a very profound and eminent energy.

Everybody has many different types of Higher Selves, from many different races, and many different timelines in Galactic History. Each Higher Self has a different demeanor and style of communication, along with their own unique energy signature.

Because each of your Higher Selves each are from a different dimensional level, they have unique experiences to share with you, depending on your level of awareness and experiences in your life today.

Spirit Animals

There are many things we can learn from animals. They teach us patience, persistence, hard work, joy, playfulness, grit, self-respect, and also teach us self-love. Yet most importantly–they can teach us how to take care of ourselves.

They are very noble beings and they a high capacity of spiritual wisdom. You will never see an animal feel sorry for themselves, or hold any type of shame, or guilt. Even in their worst times they move through their experiences the best way they know how–by instinct.

Large, small, feathery, scaly or furry, they are masterful in their very own essence. They are our teachers and should be respected for the sacred and masterful beings that they are.

They show us how to get back into that primal nature, that connects us with the earth below and the stars above that many of us have forgotten. They are our way showers and our spirit guides who have the potential to bring out the best qualities in us.

Everybody has Spirit Animal energy that they resonate with.  Some people resonate with fierce energy, or soft energy, or dominant energy, or  nurturing energy, or forceful energy. Whether its big cats, bears, reptiles, big fish, or birds—every person has multiple spirit animals that can help them.

However, one specific animal’s energy totem is always bound to help you more at this time than others.

Custom Lightcode Attunement Artwork

galactic_lion galactic_dragongalactic_monkangelic_guardian

nefertiti shiva


cow_totem elephant_totem

Using your first and last name I’ll tune into your energy and channel you the appropriate Higher Self, Spirit Guide, or Spirit Animal that is most beneficial for you to be working with at this time on your awakening path.

You will get a high resolution 300DPI copy of your color pencil hand-drawn sketch of your lightcode attunement artwork by e-mail along with a full reading for the energy of that attunement for you :)

This reading was both amazing and enlightening! I’ve meditated with this image in mind and the messages I’ve received have been exponentially helpful. Highly recommend Jerrel for anyone looking to get and intuitive reading and sick art!

  • Bethany H.

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