Ice and Fire Dragons Totem Framed Poster Print


Ice magic and fire magic are commonly used today. You can find them used in rituals for massive events like the Olympics and for professional sports.

However the origin of all fire and ice magic comes from the polarization of human energy. In its most primal form, human life force can be utilized to heal and can be used for defense in a serpent form.

Working with fire and ice magic will help you build a richer scope and higher depth of empathic capacity.

Having a good sense of ice energy will help you ward off sickness, fever, and flu. Having a good sense of fire energy will expand your aura and allow you to incinerate attachments.

High level empaths know that fire and ice are not emotions. They are elements. And when they are used with the unconditional love of your heart they are most powerful.

Life is highs and lows, ups and downs, hot and cold. When you learn to ride the waves and you will know when to use these empathic senses of the elements and your energy will blossom.

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