Panther Totem Framed Poster Print


Panthers are incredibly agile, stealthy, cunning, and powerful. They are normally proficient hunters by themselves, and they are always a step ahead of their prey.

What they teach you is self reliance and the capability to rely on your senses to climb through the rough terrain and the barriers to get you to what you need.

This totem can help you genetate a keen sense of intuition equipped with fierce intensity and a powerful force of heart energy.

Living in the jungle is tough. Our 3D world can often simulate those harsh realities. However there needn’t be a thing you don’t have a power to handle that comes your way. Just like the tiger, the panther is ready for anything.

The confidence of the panther is knowing yourself so well that your very state of being becomes a level of self fulfilling prophecy. Very much so that you begin to move with a more grounded grace and ease, and you become unbounded and unbothered by the limitations of others.

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