Becoming Your Own Free Energy Device: Part 2

It is possible to circulate your energy in such a way that extends the capacity you have for energy to develop an increase in your inner intuitive energetic intelligence. This is done by making sure the 3 main energy centers of the heart, brain, and stomach are contininuously working in harmony with each other in […]

Activating and Utilizing Your Inner Fire

The element of fire is probably one of the most important levels of energy to integrate in the body when practicing inner alchemy. The flame is the bioluminescent, unified source of light that ignites the body into activation on a higher dimensional level. When used positively the flame can completely incinerate all negative energy within […]

How to Supercharge Your DNA Activation

When you hear about DNA activation you might think about receiving a lightning bolt of cosmic energy from the heavens to electricute your entire body into bliss. Although this very possible on a multidimensional level all DNA activation begins with the self, through compassionate love of the self. Love for the self and love for […]

Gaining Control Over the Mind

In our day-to-day lives we have things to do, places to be, responsibilities to take care of and then between all of this activity we end up assigning ourselves minor distractions to enjoy ourselves and pass the time. Though they can be entertaining, after a while of living through these habitual patterns it is possible […]

Becoming Your Own Free Energy Device

The entire spectrum of the energy of an individual is influenced mostly by the circulation of your energy, the intention of your energy, and your cognition to understand and discern your energy. These are the three areas that need to be mastered when increasing your energetic capacity and clarity to expand into higher heights and […]

Becoming Empathic: Tuning Into Energy

It’s been proven that all technology is nothing but a cheap imitation of the true capacity of a human being. The human being is the originator of all technology primarily for the fact that anything¬†any “smart”phone or tablet can do has been taken from the insight of the energetic, telekenetic and telempathic ability of the […]

Understanding Your Own Energy

All humans are energetic beings, made out of wavelengths of energy down to the spinning atomic particle that forms the matter of the human body. And every person has their own unique energetic signature so understanding what your own unique energy feels like is like knowing black from white when discerning from another person’s energy. […]

Modulating Your Frequency

As multi-dimensional beings it is important to learn how to modulate your own frequency so while in any everyday situation you are strong enough to totally block and deflect the negative, invasive and lower energy of others who may be around you. If you’re looking to progress your energetic resilience and coherence while inhabiting a […]

A Brief Interview With A Super Psychic

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet briefly with one of the worlds most highly psychic individuals, Inge Bardor. Inge has had the term super psychic coined about her because she is capable to know anything about anyone at any time from any distance. Granted having supersenses that she has had to […]

Becoming Empathic: Learning Your Own Language of Intuition

You exist on a very deep cosmological level. The atoms and cells within your body are constantly communicating to each other back and forth to the Unified Field of consciousness that connects all things and back to you within your being trillions of times a nano second. As this is happening your body is cataloguing […]