What if you could decrease the amount of time and effort it takes to continue waking up and increase your awakening progress by multitudes?

Now you can make Quantum Leaps in your mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual abilities, skillsets, and understanding


Are you waking up and having trouble staying awake energetically and spiritually? Have you been emotionally drained, physically and mentally exhausted from dealing with people?
Are you still looking for profound understanding and calming re-assured peace from within instead of being a victim of the mass confusion of the 3Dimensional artificial matrix? Do you feel the knowing at the core of your being that there has to be a higher plane of existence readily available to anyone who looks for it?
Have you ever wondered how it would feel to know yourself on the deepest level and what it would take to activate your dormant supersenses of the Mind and body?
Well you’ve come to the right webpage…
We’re all expected to live our lives while in the midst of figuring ortselves out on the inside as we go. Yet when a spiritual awakening begins to take place on the inside, nothing is the same – and it can really shake up everything including the way you see yourself and the way you see others in the world.
Unfortunately most people in the world do not acknowledge much more than what is going on in front of them and/or around them. This is a multiplied problem across the technological, entertainment and multimedia dependent cultures across the world, as they have forgotten they have souls – the concept of a soul is just that, merely a concept.
They seem to be comfortable in their artificially constructed world running their lives based solely what is superficially projected on social media websites, reality TV, music videos, netflix, and hollywood blockbusters. These fundamental misunderstandings of self sadly lead to empty platonic and romantic relationships that are mutually based on condition only, families that crumble, and individuals who grow into old age without paying enough attention to themselves long enough to heal wounds from their childhood and find out who they really are.
However, you always can have your power back to be a consciously aware and continuously growing awakened individual.

The Quantum Conscious Inner Yoga: Home Study Mastery Course

Enter Quantum Consciousness: physics, sacred geometry, and quantum mechanics as they teach you the meaning of what it is to just BE and begin shining the light on how to access a deeper level of just BEING on a soul level with ancient guidance and wisdom that emanates from your own Spirit. Journey inside yourself in real-time awareness and find the ancient consciousness in the eternal depths of your heart that speaks to you from your soul.
This course is called Quantum Conscious Inner Yoga yet it has nothing to do with the westernized idea of yoga. This course may allow you to get situated within yourself enough to connect intimately with the inner realms of consciousness that reside within you. This is the original intent of yoga originating from India and this fundamental ideology stemming from yoga is a culmination of knowledge and wisdom showing you how to heal from the inside out from a lifetime of subconscious emotional trauma, exhausting day-to-day monotonous routines, draining social situations, and insane corporate slave financial races we are expected to run just to survive and thrive.
The goal of this course is to allow you to live life from a deeper place of being from which you can see the absolute truth of any situation you may find yourself in. It will help you find the motivation within to progress and grow through the trivial tests while awakening in this world. It will help you find the inner clarity, balance, peace of mind and deeper understanding of existence itself while helping you navigate and clear emotional and mental blockages through your awakening.


Here’s the breakdown of the course and some of the things you will learn:
  • How to clear your Mind to hear your inner voice
  • How to heal the Mind and begin utilizing it as a Divine conduit of the infinite
  • How to program, protect and team up with the Mind to manifest the inner and outer reality resonant to you
  • How to heal the inner child and adolescent self through subconscious time travel
  • How to protect, integrate and embody the inner child as yourself
  • How to enter the heartspace,  stay within it and exist outside of time 24/7
  • How to generate your own gravity through the spin of your own energy field
  • How to toroidially spin your third eye and activate your third eye inner screen
  • How to interface your third eye inner screen with the Mind’s Eye
  • How to transverse the illusion of separation in the world to bridge and integrate your inner reality
  • How to heal yourself from lifetime psychological subconscious emotional trauma


This course will also help you activate your senses on a higher energetic level and dimensional level of existence, because it is your birthright. It will put you on the fast track to evolving your own consciousness as a self-realized being into the Quantum Unified Field of consciousness, where you are a player in the Cosmic Game of Higher Evolution while remaining totally grounded.
It will help you become more aware into the complexity of the Human Mind giving you a programmers guide on how to protect and control it, and it will tune you into the depth of your emotional fields of energy originating from the heart allowing you to achieve a Unified total of Mind-Body-Spirit connection into superconsciousness.


You’ll also learn these critical points to multi-dimensional evolution:
  • How to expand and compress your energy field to protect your energy from negative forces
  • How to stand in your Sovereign power of who you are in your own dimensional space in the now
  • How to activate the Lightbody and fully transition into pure energetic form
  • How to connect and stay connected with Source Energy
  • How to embody the Sacred Flames of Source energy
  • How to activate the full potential of the Merkaba
  • How to activate your hand chakras to physically move energy and heal yourself and others


And you also get a Bonus Mediation Pack!
In these 6 Meditations you learn how to restore, embody, heal, and integrate your own energetic power from within, step-by step. These meditations are multi-layered audio encoded with binaural beats to induce a deep meditative state. They include:
  • The Toroidial Energy Field Meditation
  • The Sun Charging Meditation
  • The Nervous System and Circulatory System Re-Calibration
  • The Cellular Body Activation
  • The Energy Field Compression Meditation
  • The Inner Child Time Travel Healing Meditation



“I have found that this course is really precise and exhaustive. The author’s consciousness clearly emerges from his words. Chapter after chapter my awareness about the discussed topics has increased and I have felt more and more involved in the wonderful spiritual world. I have also felt the benefits of this awareness on my physical body: my anxiety was low and my body was restored after have meditating on the author’s words. I personally suggest you to start this journey of knowledge by means of this amazing course! ”

-Cecilia F.

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30 Day Unconditional Happiness Guarantee!

If for any reason you are unhappy with the purchase of the Quantum Conscious Home Study Mastery Course, and you don’t absolutely love the inner development potential that it will unlock within you then you can have your money back no questions asked.