Numbers are everything. They are energy. They are information. They depict our circumstances, they convey our age, they reflect our experience, they reflect our relationships and even the abundance in our lives.

Numbers are also actually fractals as well. Fractals are symmetrical geometrical patterns that repeats congruently throughout itself, infinitely. Everybody has their own unique pattern of numbers that are relevant only to them, specifically. This pattern of repeating numbers show relevancy in your life in many ways.

When you book a reading, you will get:

A full Quantum Numerology Archetype report conveying the fundamental origins and reoccurring patterns appearing in your Soul’s history from lifetime to lifetime determined by the sum number of your first name (or preferred name).

A Quantum Numerology 3-Card draw:

-An individual expression card with a reading on the energy of what you may be experiencing in 3D.

-A soul expression card with a reading on the energy you may be experiencing in the now or on the horizon in 5D.

– A collective expression card with a reading on the energy during this moment in time you may be experiencing as yourself integrated in your own collective consciousness–as what you may be experiencing on your Over Soul stream collective.

Each integer drawn by card for your individual expression, soul expression, and collective expression can mean alot. Your multiple expressions of the self follow you from lifetime to lifetime and may be directly influencing the events of your life today. It really helps to become aware of your archetypal patterns to be able to process out the blocks or blindspots that may be holding you down in your Ascension Path.

Hey Jerrel, thanks for the reading ☺. The part about my 3d energy really resonated with me.. in meditation last night I felt that golden warm light energy and it was a new feeling so im excited that it was included in the report💫. It’ll prob take a lil processing to soak it all in 😸Overall the report felt very helpful to my current path, so thank you!

  • Nancy P.

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