METATRON111111111Quantum Light Consciousness the blog is a website where the unorthodox views of quantum physics, mathematics, spirituality and philosophy can convene as one. In this forum you’ll find profound topics and serious views on the fundamentals on being a human on the 3rd dimensional earth plane, living through the veil, raising your conscious awareness, and awakening to a new reality with yourself as the architect.

If you’re on this blog it means that you’ve taken the red pill and have a curiosity, desire, or a love for what is true and nothing else. You love what it means to be human or are still learning, and aren’t afraid to start taking your power back. Deep down you know that power and it’s inherently Divine nature. It all begins with education, a will to learn and a capacity to understand

The time is here and now

This blog is for the dreamers, the readers, the knowledge seekers, the educators, the students, and the masters. But most of all it is for people who love the truth and know the value of the truth for themselves. There will be solid sources on most of what I mention is reality but I urge you to have your own experience with this information and do your own research.



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