The Quantum Light Consciousness Broadcast

A podcast for a grounded take on living through the veil in 3D as an awakening human. Listen as we speak about topics like ascension, living from the heart, healing, DNA activation, intuition development and so much more :)


New Abundance with Amanda Flaker

Amanda Flaker stops by for a chat about new abundance. Amanda is an empathic coach, mastermind leader, visionary, entrepreneur coach, speaker and abundance leader. In this chat we talk about how you can transition into your own new abundance in a consistent manner, and leave the matrix of lack! We also speak about staying out of the negative controlling aspect of money and what we can do to create our own Heaven on Earth from within ourselves :)


Reading Tarot with Bella Mia

Lightworker, Empath, and Tarot Reader Bella Mia stops by for a chat about tarot. With her company Moonlight Reflection, Bella shares her gifts with her clients to help them awaken to their higher self and find their soul purpose. Her goals are to provide guidance, direction and clarity to those looking to unlock and trust their own intuition.


Flowing From the Heart with Nalinee

Artist, Soul Reader, Singer, Soul Healer, and Light Language Scribe Nalinee from her practice Soul Connections Through the Heart stops by for a chat about creating from the heart and flowing from your very own center of creation in your day-to-day life


Ascension Timelines with Lauren Pritchard

Researcher, Experiencer, and Consultant Lauren Pritchard with her company New Earth Consulting stops by again for a chat about Ascension Timelines, Financial Resets, and the Mandela Effect


Intuitive Guidance with Lauren Kelly

Entrepreneur, Artist and Intuitive Consultant Lauren Kelly with her company LK Productions, LLC stops by for a chat about intuitive guidance, clairvoyance development, and psychic work!

AI Sentience w/ Lauren Pritchard

Lauren Pritchard Researcher, Experiencer, and Consultant with stops by for a chat about Artificial Intelligence and its potential threat to humanity