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The Divine Feminine is maternally compassionate, caring, nurturing and kind. However as a warrior goddess she is also fierce, courageous, strong, beautiful and fearless

She is all of these things because love is a battlefield. And she takes her love with her into every area of her life. School, work, family, social relationships, sports, hobbies, etc.

She lives with her heart because she is her heart. She knows the power of love and how it is the driving force of humanity. As a giver of life she knows the healing capability of love and the strength that it truly is.

One of my favorite warrior goddesses to work with is Archangel Anael. She was introduced to me by the angelic healer Morgana Starr in a healing session and has been my go to for healing since.

The Divine Feminine is the holder of space and like a mother bear, or a protective mother lion she isn’t open to putting those who she cares for in danger. As a female she naturally has a higher pain threshold than men and she will withstand hell to protect and heal her family.

She is my hero and is the reason why I do anything for anyone.

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