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Grizzly bears are the second largest bears in the world. They are very dominant predators whom hunt as the seasons change. During winter they store food and sleep long hours to save their energy into their layers of fat through to the next season.

They have incredible strength and a very thick skull and jaw that can crush bones very easily. They are a very protective species over their young and teach their cubs what they need to survive.

The Grizzly represents strength and freedom and the ability to explore. As a very large being, they are unchallenged and do not have very many natural threats.

The Grizzly can help you to follow your own path, while listening to your own inner guidance with no questions asked.

This totem can help you find the courage to continue moving on with a conviction, and strengthen your belief system even in the face of insane polarity or fear.

Grizzlies don’t ever really back down when they are legitimately challenged. They have no problem protecting themselves and controlling their space.

This makes people who embody this totem’s energy perfect leaders and pathfinders.

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