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Sharks have largely gotten a bad rap over the years. Since JAWS came out in theatres they have been widely feared and targeted by humans.

Yes they are killing machines in large groups. However when unprovoked, they are rather peaceful.

The shark represents the potential to protect yourself and others while in an unfortunate event. They can help you find your strength and the belief in yourself to take hold of a situation for your favor.

Sharks have the ability to adapt to harsh environments, which is why they have remained unchanged for millennia.

They swim through the water like a drill at very high speeds.

People with shark energy are very alive, have very profound emotions, and do what they have to do, when they have to do it.

The shark doesn’t play games or apologize. They are laser focused toward what they want, they make quick decisions and don’t let anything get in their way. This totem will help you do more of that.

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