Otter Totem Framed Poster Print


Otters are very playful. They see the world as a playground and they are very relaxed. What they enjoy most is playing with others and seeing them experiencing joy.

Work with the otter to unite your family and bring more happiness into your home. Especially in times like these, the pure hearted nature and childlike resourcefulness of the otter will help restart, bandage or heal family relationships.

What we can also learn from the otter is self care. It’s ok to have freedom to reset to give yourself time to rebound amidst daily concerns.

Yet at the same time be aware of what you choose to do with any time off. It really helps to take a critical look of what your spending your attention on, what youre eating, what you’re watching, and what you choose to do.

Listen to your heart and give yourself what you feel like you need. Be honest. And don’t be afraid to journal, draw, paint, sing, or play to get into the flow to find your inner self.

There are things that take us away from our inner voice of truth. Yet in total isolation you can find peace, in the heart. Joy is also waiting for you there :)

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