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Whales are the largest living beings on the planet. They are very powerful and are incredibly esoteric.

They eat thousands of pounds of food a day and can stay pressurized at very deep depths for a long period if time before coming back up for air.
As aquatic beings they have sonar that they sense their surroundings with by thousands of miles. The “whale songs” that whales sing sound otherworldly, because they are.

Their job is to keep the planets oceans at a high vibration with their songs that reverberate through the water. Because the planet is made of 70% water, whales are one of our most valued beings here, while we make this shift.

People who work with this totem’s energy have very high communication skills

This piece is inspired by a few experiences I’ve had with whales psychically. Because the universe is an oceanic realm there are cosmic forms of whales swimming around etherically.

When you experience them they bring a sense of calm and peace. And when they appear to you, they represent big things happening in your life, with the focus and trust in yourself enough to keep swimming calmly enough to allow what you want to happen, to happen.

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