4577751446_305x185Crystals can be used for a myriad of different ailments as a cure and aid to different mental, physical, and spiritual causes. Most people who use crystals end up connecting with them and can see what they have to teach them or help them with on a personal level. Others can dive into the actual consciousness of the crystal and program it to help them based on that crystal’s specific energy.

It depends on what type of healing and aiding you want your crystal to do. Crystals are basically one of the biggest gifts to the consciousness as a whole on earth. In recent years there have been incredible discoveries on how crystals are basically alive and conscious themselves as a 2nd dimensional being (like a plant). You can see the intelligence of each crystal when you zoom in on it with a microscope. The molecular and atomic makeup is that of the most sacred geometry of the Universe and when you see that they are made up of primarily silicon genetic material it is no mystery why the basis of intelligence of a computer comes from a crystal.

Even first radio contact across the ocean was done with a crystal as a catalyst inside the radio attached to a copper wire for technological breakthrough. It is a fact that crystals hold the infinite potential of the collective consciousness to telepathically communicate, heal, and exist in an infinite capacity: in harmony. Crystals have held the position of helping our consciousness exist and evolve as humans as we do moreso on an unconscious level with our computers, smartphones and tablets everyday yet when you take hold of the actual crystal itself magic is unleashed.

How to program your crystals:

So if you have crystals laying around and you want to tap into their potential it’s best to start with a program that is of beneficial use to you in your highest intent. So say you have a crystal that relates to the 3rd eye and crown chakra energy centers. Take for example an amethyst: they are good for healing looping thought patterns, clearing and energizing your third eye vision, and opening your crown chakra. You’re going to want to program your amethyst with an intention in favor of it’s energy.

So you would take your amethyst and sit in a quiet space, preferably where you go to meditate. Hold it in the left programming-a-crystalpalm of your hand and clasp your right palm over it. Feel the energy of the crystal and empathically attune to it with your senses. Repeat a command inward to the consciousness of the crystal like it is apart of you and say something like: “you are to help me open my third eye and stop mental looping”. Say that four times with authority and conviction. After that give the crystal your gratitude and go about your day.

You can keep it on you or put it under your mattress along with other crystals programmed towards each chakra the same way. When you do this you can find yourself almost instantly healed of any psychological or emotional attachments, disorders or sicknesses. If you’re interested and want to learn more about crystals and what each one specifically does check out this .pdf on crystals and what they do for each chakra from Spirit Science on youtube. Also don’t forget to check out the blog’s crystal shop!


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