tumblr_mfzfe57SBA1s1hgvpo1_500The functions and modalities for the usage and healing of crystals themselves are endless. Crystals can be used for healing, meditation, learning, computer technology, energy technology, etc. Crystals are tools for the “new age” of humanity on Earth as she continues to evolve. The levels of consciousness each crystal holds is immense as well as the potential that is to be integrated into the consciousness of the collective evolution of mankind.

One of the best modalities of crystal usage is Orgonite creation, yielding Orgone energy. It started earlier in the 20th century with a man named Wilheim Reich. Wilheim Reich was a psychoanalyst from Russia who discovered a means of creating and transmuting harmful prana energy into healthy prana energy, lifeforce energy, or what he called Orgone energy. Orgone energy is basically prana energy biologically integrated into consciousness for works of greater good. He initially discovered it while studying the science of the human orgasm. What he proved was that sexual energy was the same as lifeforce energy (what he went on to call orgone energy). And then he found that a controlled flow of lifeforce energy directed in a specific intention either through the human body or through the ecosystem could produce incredible effects curing cancer and influencing weather.

Unfortunately once the U.S. government found out he was conducting experiments healing the sick and controlling the weather they tracked him until the end of his life when he died in prison falsely accused from a bogus lawsuit by the FDA thereafter having his books burned. Luckily some of his research was saved by his assistant Charles Kelly and has surfaced recently bringing the world the miracle of orgone energy.

The science of Orgonite:

The basic biology of nature revolves around the physics of atomic particles vibrating at different frequencies producing positive or negative frequency which determines the health/sustainability of the rock, plant, animal or human has within themselves or how healthily the output of a machine functions in an environment.

Many devices we see and use everyday like microwaves, computers, cellphones are producing electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMFs) that harm the biological ecosystem including the human body causing cancer and all sorts of other stress-induced sicknesses.

htmlimport_orgonite_diagramCrystals are typically made out of healthy electro-magnetic that transmutes harmful EMFs (accumulated from device radiation and stressed frequency) into positive orgone energy and lifeforce. What orgonite does is it combines organic resin and inorganic metals that naturally attract harmful energy with crystals to produce a simple device that transmutes negative energy into positive in the surrounding environment. When the negative energy is pulled into the device it goes through friction and transmutes into positive. The atomic particles from the metal and resin attract energy and when the bad ions hit the crystals inside the device they shaken into positive atomic lifeforce prana.

Orgonite is crafted and shaped in many different ways and this technology is basically the greatest thing ever to be re-discovered by any modern scientist. This technology is currently being used to heal all sorts of ailments including cancer and is speculated to be able to influence any disease.

It is most popularly used for spiritual development as it massively increases the energy allowed into your auric field enabling you to process and hit new heights of initiation. Orgonite was widely used in Ancient Egypt as crushed up powder as ritual makeup and in temple columns/devices themselves. Once you use this technology it’s very easy to see why it has been suppressed and covered up over the decades. Fortunately time is shifting and you can harness this technological re-discovery to heal yourself and your family.


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