mediationimgThe actual practice of meditation used to get put into a box labeled eastern practice or “new age”. Although mediation can also be looked at as stemming from these categories, it really is the gateway back to the actual state of natural human consciousness. Meditation is the gateway to stillness, absolute observance where you become One with everything, and/or you become completely and entirely self-realized. Meditation is an exercise of clearing your mind, body, and energy centers that can improve your health day to day and your overall functionality in day-to-day life as well as life on other planes of existence.

Problems in your life such as psychosis, frustration, anger, sadness, inability to focus and depression can all be healed by meditation by going inwards and solving those issues yourself. Buddhists actually label depression as an actual disease of the mind. Because it is. Every ailment stems from the physics of the mind, body, and soul. If your mind is constantly mirroring and looping every sad, angry thought you think and come across then that can actually have a chain reaction into other areas of your life and health. Because thoughts are physically electro-magnetic brainwave impulses firing off from neurons you can begin to see how much they can control your experience with your mind and body if you can influence your thoughts themselves.

And the only way to do that is through stillness.

Your state of consciousness is everything. You can start meditation by focusing inwards and quieting your mind by breathing from the heart. All you have to is close your eyes and breathe evenly.

Focus. Take a deep breath. And choose how many seconds to evenly inhale and exhale for whatever feels most comfortable. When you do this and your thoughts come up simply observe what they are (good/bad/neutral) and let them fade away from you. And that’s it.

Meditation is the starting point towards really getting to know yourself and getting to the still point, or point zero within yourself. From there you can deal with anything and manifest almost anything as well.

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