human_consciousness_copyPracticing meditation can improve your life on many levels. However the best way to get any benefit out of it is by finding complete and absolute stillness. And that’s found at point zero. Point zero, zero point or still point is the point of reference of consciousness where you become entirely detached and 100% observing your reality as reality itself. When you hit this state your bodily functions will literally slow down including your heartrate, and breathing. It’s a point of complete and utter calmness where you can perceive yourself existing in your reality as your reality entirely. This is the point beginning where Hindus enter Samadhi. It is also the point where every human collective consciousness construct was created.

Technically point zero is the center of the Universe. This point of consciousness is scientifically proven to also hold infinite amounts of energy. If you understand that the Universe is made out of infinite planes of existence infinitely dense and infinitely large on both scales you can understand: when you close your eyes and go inward far enough with your focus you’re going to eventually hit a point of consciousness where you can perceive anything. You can do this because your mind is made out of the energy of the Universe which is infinitely dense and infinitely large.

The easiest way (that I found) to hit point zero:

Sit with your eyes closed in a comfortable position in your favorite mudra (if you have one). Breathe. Breathe slow and find a good rhythm of breathing. Fill your lungs with air and let them fall on the exhale. When you’re breathing nice and calmly listen to your heart beating and sync your breathing with your heart. Every 3-5 beats switch on the inhale/exhale or whatever is comfortable for you. You’ll have to master breathing with the heart like this before moving forward.

Next: Understand that your mind is like an ocean of cosmic consciousness and you’re floating in the middle of it like a captain of a spaceship. Row your boat or pilot your awareness to the back of your head where you view the entirety of your consciousness. Wait and observe.

And that’s it. If your energy is high enough and you can control it you will see what can happen. Other than that with practice you will be able to bring stillness into your everyday life and create anything.

This blog is for the dreamers, the readers, the knowledge seekers, the educators, the students, and the masters. But most of all it is for people who love the truth and know the value of the truth for themselves. There will be solid sources on most of what I mention is reality but I urge you to have your own experience with this information and do your own research.

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