Molecular Thoughts

If you’ve woken up within the last 5 or so years then you know that once you wake up the world can seem kind of crazy. Really crazy. Yet when you take a look at it objectively, purely as an observer of your given reality it’s not so bad. You live and you learn. And you take things into account given the people and the progression of their soul’s path. Even if you’re all of a sudden really sensitive to the slightest amount of misdirected energy.

Here are a few points that might resonate with individuals who have newly awakened:

  1. Most people are separated from themselves. What does this mean? It means that they haven’t been able to feel what issues lie dormant in their hearts since they were a child. So they might come off with all kinds of different strange, negative, or irratic behavior. When they’ve been hurt during the early periods of their lives when they’ve been verbally abused or ignored by their parents or made fun of in school and then told that they are to obey the systems of the world and fall in line and then they go out into the world and unconsciously project these issues onto others. It’s the most common side-affect of today’s society. Many people don’t know that they don’t really know all of themselves. The good thing is that when you come across someone acting this way you can bet for damn sure that is has nothing to do with you. At all.
  2. The systems are outdated. Because the majority of the population isn’t awake and they don’t really know the inner capacity that they truly hold within themselves thus the collective consciousness of modern society is based on a corporate culture. This is basically monetary slave labor for you, your parents, and your children. Schools that don’t teach accurate information and pound their students with even more irrelevant studies and outrageous debt; workplaces that follow the ABC’s of fear (accuse, blame, and criticize) down the line of command because of insecure employees projecting their inner issues on the ones below them training them to be constantly afraid to lose their jobs; and governments who think they have to obey the corporations by taking their money so they can gain their power and keep it.

We could continue on but this is about it in a nutshell when it comes do dealing with people after you’ve woken up. You’ll see that nothing is entirely your fault and if you find yourself having to get along in the world and deal with these types of people in order to make a living or to go to school then remember:

The issues others may be dealing with aren’t yours (even if it is directed at you) unless you take offense and make it yours. If you take offense when someone screams at you in traffic or glares at you with a shitty look in the grocery food store or at school then that issue is now yours for you to process. Remember who you are, it all begins with stillness, and inner work.


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