So you’ve woken up? What now? It could turn out everyone you know is actually still asleep. Or it could seem that some individuals you know walk around like a shadow as if they have a ghost of themselves living inside them. Or it could seem that the only way to have a genuine conversation with an individual is by getting one-on-one when they aren’t pressured into wearing a mask in a group social situation. And sometimes it can seem like the only way to successfully exist on modern day Earth is to fake it or forfeit a piece of yourself to avoid unwanted attention in order to:

A. Earn a living and B. be socially accepted.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Most countries are run on a corporate agenda (as if the country is a business itself). And the way the business runs is with a lack of compassion, based on autonomy. This means that this automatic culture trickles down to the schools, the small businesses, the media, pop music, etc. What the masses respond to most is exactly what the masses get, especially if it’s pop star gossip right after the news program.

The standards of existing in society are insane. You are expected to live by the rules and accept them as your own. And if you aren’t one for following rules, well then you better have a surefire backup plan.  Because when you wake up spiritually you shouldn’t expect yourself to have to compromise with the world and cancel part of who you are inside just because the majority of others before you have been putting on a charade for so long they have forgotten who they are.

If you ask a corporate executive what it takes to climb the corporate ladder to the top 1% you might get an answer of what he/she had to give away in order to support their goal. Depending on the individual this could be less time with their family, their favorite hobby, giving away their integrity,  or their honesty, etc. All corporations aren’t without compassion yet some of them are.

There are more important things in life other than what you do for a living, who you hang out with and how much money you have because those things don’t define you. There’s no way we were put on this planet to drive cars around and work to pay bills to keep working.

You decide what you were put on this planet for. And given what reason you give yourself for existing will determine the path you take in your life. After an awakening it can get awkward getting along with other individuals who have forgotten themselves and deliberately make it harder for others because they never matured spiritually.

Basically when you wake up the first thing you know is that you know you are here. You may not even know what you think you know but you are so deeply aware of your existence inside your physical body it’s undeniable that you are not here at this very moment.

So when you stake your existence on what you know, and you see people walking around the streets like remote-controlled robot-ghosts working their jobs like slaves struggling to save money for their children so they can unknowingly put them through the same thing you realize something isn’t right and it’s time to connect the dots.

So be nice to people who aren’t aware of the energy they’re sending out and the agenda they’re supporting. (This includes corporate workers, cops, judges, teachers, your neighbor etc.) When you get a traffic ticket say thank you to the cop. When you neighbor waits an extra few seconds before getting in their car to steal a glance at you to say hi, wave and smile.

The Power of the Universe Inside You

It all comes back to love. Love is the beginning and end of all consciousness. Compassionate, wise, eternal, all-knowing, benevolent beaming eternal sunlight of the heart. That is inside you, yet it is up to you to find it and harness it with your own energy. And that energy is infinite once you tap into it. You’re the only one who can do that for yourself.

There is nothing that can stop someone who has stepped into their power. So step into it, own it, rock with it and hit the ground running. It is yours as much as you are you and it cannot be taken from you.


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