energyinformationHow many times have you looked down at your phone or on your computer’s clock and seen the time mirror all of the same numbers? 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 PM? The Universe could be trying to tell you something. Or maybe it’s your imagination. Someone who is spiritually in tune with their reality knows that these numbers happen to line up way too often to be coincidences. Even if you’ve only seen the time line up a few times a week, or if you’re seeing it everyday everywhere, on license plates, door numbers, receipts, etc., what you could be observing is something that you give the meaning for itself. But what does it mean?

The Universe has a heartbeat. Because it’s alive just like you. That means that the planets in all the solar system including our own planet earth runs on synchronicity of rhythm. Everytime the planet spins 360 degrees the sun goes down and comes back up again. You can even call this rhythm a heartbeat. This rhythm is matched throughout all creation spanning across the galaxies spinning in great galactic orbits and cosmic superclusters swirling and connecting as electromagnetic conduits like neuron pathways in a brain.

1111_2Throughout all these synchronizations it all comes down to one great galactic pulse of the Universe…which mirrors your own heartbeat. Hard to believe? Maybe but when you think about it it makes sense. The average human takes 15 breaths a minute, or 900 breaths an hour, or 21,600 breaths a day. When you take the 360 degrees of the Earth and assign 60 minutes between each rotational degree and 1 nautical mile for each minute within each minute you get the 21,600 mile circumference around the equator of Earth. That’s the equal amount of breaths you take in a day for the miles of Earth mass rotating while you’re walking around on it’s surface.

Then when you take your average heartbeats in a minute which is 60 bpm, times that per hour = 3600 bpm, and times that by a full day you get 864,000 heart beats everyday which is equally divisible by 432, the electro-magnetic pulse frequency of the Universe (432hz).

There’s alot of math and science to back up our existence in the cosmos. So when you think about what it means when you keep seeing the same numbers line up over and over again when you’re walking your dog or taking out the trash there’s something that tells you deep inside that there’s more than a coincidence at hand. Especially when you’ve mastered heart-centered breathing.

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