astral_projectionThere’s many articles out there on the internet about how to astral project and there’s alot of people who believe that it isn’t real. And there’s a whole lot of stories out there of people who have done it and who have had crazy experiences. The first thing you must believe is that it is possible, and that you can do it. How? Because it’s physics.

You have an energy body layered inside and outside your physical body. You can call it an astral body. You can sense your astral body by tuning into any aspect of your physical body. Your astral body moves with your physical body during the day when you’re at work, driving a car, chilling at home, etc. But when you go to sleep, that’s when your astral body will move away from your physical body. Your astral body is primarily located in a higher frequency, in a higher dimension. So you cannot see it unless you have a lot of energy coursing through your body when you have your eyes closed. But it is always with you, as part of you.

When you go to sleep you are indeed astral projecting. Sometimes your astral body need not sit up out of your bed and walk out of your body to astral project. So when you end up in a dream and you’re consciously creating whatever you want instantly you know that you’re astral projecting the experience in another dimension.

Here’s how I learned:

Lie down in a quiet place on your back where you cannot be disturbed. Feel yourself getting more and more relaxed as you breathe. Visualize yourself in a place of ultimate relaxation like a beach or in the mountains somewhere and see the sun in the sky slowly setting. As it is setting you’re counting down from 10 being somewhat relaxed down to 1 to being ultimately relaxed. After that tune into each part of your physical body as your astral body. Sense your astral hands wriggling their fingers and your astral feet moving. Then sense your astral legs up to your torso, arms and head. After you have all your sensitivity and you start feeling your vibration rise train yourself to sit up and walk out of your body.

It might not come easy as first. The first time might officially come to you as you are lucid dreaming. You might be dreaming and sense that your astral body could leave your body and then you could roll out onto your floor and then stand up. Once you exit your body you’ll find that the gravity is much different (heavier/lighter) depending what region of the world you are in. However you get the job done once you do it you know that there’s alot out there to explore and learning how to do it is very worth it.

I suggest that if you want to learn from a professional how to astral project you get Steven G. Jones’ audio course “Explorations Beyond The Body”. It’s a great course and can teach you exactly how to pull yourself out of body and start flying around the astral realms within weeks.

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