WP-Telepathy-PixabayWith more and more people waking up everyday there is only a few people amongst the masses who have been gifted with extrasensory abilities and then have taken them towards mastery. There are indeed quote “psychics” or people who can send and receive telepathic messages to others in our physical and non-physical world. These people can speak to animals, ones who have passed on, and supernatural beings who are in another realm entirely. But how is it possible?

It’s physics. When you think about it and when you get to a broad understanding of the Universe you can see that once you speed up your perception and train of thought you can see anything and understand even the most unintelligible phenomenon seemingly quantum entangled.

Instead of entanglement the Universe is actually quantum-interconnected through harmonic energy fields. An energy field is the shape of a torus, which is basically the shape of a doughnut. These energy fields are all linked together like a grid synchronized surrounding down to each and every atom spinning intelligently and coherently and surrounds up to every human on this planet, as well as every planet, star, and galaxy in the universe.

Torus2-940x530These energy fields are made of electromagnetically vibrating energy as lifeforce/prana. Think of lifeforce/prana as the energy that lights your eyes up and ignites your emotions. It is also the electric spark that runs through your neural synapses when you have a bright idea or get in the zone. So physically thoughts are electricity.

And when you think of how neurons in your brain are coherently placed in the same fashion as how galaxies are in superclusters in the Universe then telepathy can make sense. You can begin to see how every vibration, feeling, and thought that originates as lifeforce energy can be transmuted into a vibration, feeling, or thought as lifeforce/prana energy through the fabric of space and received by another person. Because we’re all electro-biologically connected.

So telepathy is simple. It’s basically an inner knowing through your intuition. If you’ve ever picked up a phone and known who it was without looking at the ID first that’s telepathy. Or if you know what the weather is going to be the next day, if you can find a parking spot very easily by using your intuition, or if you’ve thought of someone or something and that circumstance or person pops up shortly after that’s what you call telepathy.

When you get good at it you basically center yourself in your heart and use your brain as a telephone, or as an intergalactic transmitter to talk to whoever you ever wanted to talk to EVER (from the past, present, or future).

Everyone can do it and the ones who unlock their telepathic extrasensory abilities are basically walking through the 3Dimensional world with a superpower. It really can help you in your day-to-day life to think about how you can improve your intuition as well as help you on your spiritual progression to make quantum leaps into new paradigms entirely.


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