17575_1292569707395_1024842894_899472_1112726_nIts a new year. And more and more you’re going to begin to hear about children around the world who are being born with supernatural abilities. Like the child in china who can telepathically read her mothers thoughts. Or another 3 year old child in china who can light objects on fire with his thoughts. Or the countless kids in India who have been taught to be able to read and completely see blindfolded. These children are of a new wave of beings being born in our world of the “crystal generation”. These crystal kids are highly telepathic in nature and are growing into their abilities as they progress their lives.

Consciousness exists within us all and that consciousness is completely and entirely limitless. So the basics of Universal consciousness as a living, breathing sphere down to the most basic function is this: to exist, learn, understand and evolve.

You have a living breathing organism like a human functioning at a rate of consciousness throughout his or her life where he or she learns about themselves and continues to grow at a rate of comfortable personal development, mentally, physically spiritually. Maybe you go to the gym and see some results after you do some workouts differently. Or maybe you take a yoga class and learn how to be more present and thereafter handle stress better. Or maybe you read a few books and learn a completely new language.

Either way a human and the Universe as a whole are the same thing. We’re all consciousness born to grow and evolve, consciously. Just like how cells communicate with each other to fight off diseases to heal and grow your physical body. You can choose if you want to grow in any way you like, either way and you will experience growth or a change some way or another.

So when a few humans start evolving by reflecting more of a conscious demonstration of higher existence in a human body by telepathic, empathic individuals and individuals with higher energy capacities it’s something that you can say how the proof is in the pudding. Quantum pudding!

You can find the video where the proof is of the children who display these powers in this video here, and a solid blindfold reading demonstration here.


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