qa53329f4dThe electromagnetic field of the heart has been scientifically proven to be 3,000 times more powerful than that of the brain. There is an electromagnetic field around each human being walking around the planet. Think of this field as your personal energy field. This energy field is where all of your thoughts and emotions begin to manifest into existence from your inner reality meshing with your outer reality.

Each electromagnetic field is shaped like a torus and is made of prana or pure lifeforce energy, which is what makes up your body. Your energy field reflects your inner thoughts, emotions, habits and practices. Where in your body you place your awareness everyday is what determines what types of reality you create for yourself.  It vibrates at a vibration resonant to what you are thinking and feeling at any moment in time at the present moment by moment. So what you are thinking and feeling in one moment may literally reflect back to you in your reality in a few seconds, a few minutes, or in a few days depending on your level of awareness.

Some people place their living awareness in their brain everyday. Because let’s face it, you need your brain. You have bills to pay, and things to take care of in the 3Dimensional logically-based world. Others decide to place their living, breathing awareness inside their hearts. And this is where life can get fun.

When you start being aware from the center of your heart all of your senses start to open up to you. Your intuition is triggered into seeing into the deepest depths of your soul and the souls who surround you. Your brain function is triggered into clear claircognizant capability when you begin knowing more about your surroundings and you can start understanding the world around you on a deeper level. Your human consciousness is linked into the consciousness of the Universe of all that is and all that was and ever will be.

When you enter the awareness of your heart your heart begins directing the brain instead of the other way around. It takes some practice to enter the heart and breathe from the center but when you get it down you might notice that life begins to flow alot more effortlessly. It grounds you and connects you to who you truly are.

In the heart center is the center of the Universe. It’s where you exist as part of creation as an aspect of the creation. So what you instantly think and feel can start happening more and more frequently the higher your frequency. Science has proved at the moment of conception the first organ to form is the heart. The human body forms from eight cells and they double to 64 they then it turn into a blob of a forming baby human, which then forms into a pumping heart. After that your entire body folds and forms out of there. So when you enter your heart with your awareness you are literally going back to where you came from. You are connecting with the divine aspect of yourself, which is yourself as the Source energy of creation itself.

I suggest taking the free meditation by Drunvalo Melchizedek where he guides you through entering your heart and breathing from the center of it. Here is the female way of entering and the male way of entering.


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