b4f12aab-d2f2-4a62-be1f-bb80b9af8bfc_DreamsCloudWhen you go to sleep and you continue to be more and more aware you realize that your dreams aren’t dreams at all. They are projections of different aspects of yourself interacting in another dimension in real-time. Because you are existing in another dimension it doesn’t feel as real as the 3rd dimension does. Yet if you’ve ever been in a vivid dream or if you have astrally traveled before you know how real it can get even though your body isn’t metaphysically made of matter.

Dreamtime is a word coined from indigenous people describing a dimension where time is absolute simultaneous. This means that when you enter a dreamstate what happens is that you’re in a realm where all time is actually happening and taking place all at once. So if you’ve found yourself in reoccurring dreams and repeating dream themes then this is why. You can fall asleep and log back in to a dream to where you were last week to play out the same thing. Or you can take back your awareness and decide to observe and learn from what you experience.

Dreams take place on the 4th dimension and higher. Usually for many people they take place in the octaves of 4D sometimes 5D and higher. Anything can happen in a dream. Absolutely anything. You can fly, or you can get shot. You can feel pain or you can feel ecstatic joy and bliss. So if you’re reading this I’m sure you know the duality of the different dreamscapes, situations, and variability of what dreams have in store from your subconscious.

What most people believe is that dreams are simply “pictures in your head” and this is accurate but do not equate to the depth and magnificence of the dreaming process is. What dreams truly are is a time where you are truly yourself expressing the essence of your being through a given process from your soul for a specific lesson or given outcome.

Many dreams have purpose and what they have to teach you is what you have to interpret for yourself. So given you decide to start paying attention to what you’re doing in your dreams and who you’re with and what they’re doing and what they represent your dreams can start getting really real. They can start to have different tones of reality of different situations you’ve been in and they reflect how you’ve dealt with that situation or are currently still dealing with that situation with the different aspects of yourself.

The key is to take notes and always either write down what is going on after the dream ends when you wake up. Or what is a great help is to mentally hit the record button in your mind when the dream starts and you enter in different dreams. This way when you go to remember you can mentally run the tape back and depict each happenstance frame by frame to interpret.


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