maxresdefault123Living and breathing from the heart center is probably one of the most profound ways to connect back to who you truly are. When you live and breathe from the heart you are more of yourself and you are able to see so much further into who you are not to mention who others are around you. When you begin to live this way self development on a spiritual level becomes a heightened sense of awareness in a manner of what resonates with your heart, what doesn’t and what to do about it.

You’re no longer at the disillusion and enslavement of your emotions and your mind. You are free to feel, and to feel deeply as you possibly can without any conflict between the brain and the heart over what you are to be and what you are not. You simply are.

Within the heart center you find the deepest center of existence. When you are here living and functioning you’re existing on a level of self that is in the deepest harmony with your environment, and with the people around you. After you learn how to hold your heart space you’ll continually see how issues are continually brought up from your conscious that you thought were stressing you out or troubling and you begin to see what they truly have been meant to teach you.

Processing your emotions from your heart center is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You can do this simply by keeping your awareness in your heart. When you feel an emotional issue come up in your body take a deep breath and stay calm. Follow the emotional response back to what triggered it. It could be anything, or maybe it’s nothing. But if you’re irritated the best way to deal with it is to figure out what it is and process it.

Anxiety is manifested from worrying about the future, depression is worry about the past. Anger or rage is a form of fear. Fear is not real unless you acknowledge it to be within your reality. It is actually only  false evidence appearing real which is based off what you think might happen what in actuality hasn’t manifested itself yet. When you feel these emotions disengage them with slow and calm breathing and notice what they are for what they are and realize what issue caused you to feel them.  Then bring the issue itself back to the heart center and appreciate yourself with love for taking to the time to realize what you needed to focus on.

Living fully as a complete, self-actualized individual all comes back to the heart center and being able to look at yourself and the others around you how you would yourself. When you begin to appreciate yourself with love and process the emotions of the self it’s a beginning of life on a whole new paradigm.


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