Lucid-Dreaming-Inner-Soul-CafeHave you ever heard the saying life’s a dream? That’s because it really is. You’re dreaming right now. Matter of fact your energy body is floating in an endless void of space at any given moment. Right now of course you’re aware of where your physical body is and how you are relating to what ever it is you are doing at the moment. Maybe you’re thinking about what you’re going to eat later, or what to wear to work tomorrow. Nonetheless where you think you are and what you’re doing later is only one aspect of your existence.

Think about the best dream you’ve ever had. What were you doing? Where were you going? Who were you with? And why was it so great to you? Now think about what makes up a dream. What exactly are the physical attributes to the construct of which dreams are made out of? How can you know a dream is real or not? Is it physics or is it just imagination? Well as it turns out imagination is physics. The electromagnetic energy that courses through the atoms in the air making lightning bolts is made out of the same energy of the electromagnetic impulses that course through your neurons allowing you to think thoughts. These thoughts actually are physical electromagnetic brainwave frequencies created by you that transmute into pictures in your head allowing you to enter those pictures and play them out as yourself under different states of consciousness.

3Dimensional living at it’s finest consists of waking up, making coffee and if you’re lucky you get to do something you enjoy doing to make a living. However there is much more to life on Earth if you decide it is right for you.  You can create your reality. Just like in a dream, you are dropped in a situation and then you play the rest of the circumstances out yourself based on your intentions. You can have a good dream or a bad dream depending on what is right for you.

Think about it: from your earliest memory you were born on a planet where there has been recorded history of past humans who have lived and died hundreds of thousands of years past up to present day only to continue to live and die in the same ways. You grow up and realize that on this earth spiraling through the middle of space spanning eternity in all directions there isn’t many people who don’t really understand what it is they are actually living and that there has to be more.

Fortunately there is, however extra-dimensional reality sometimes categorized as phenomena or anomaly isn’t anything less than real until you decide that it is for yourself.

And after some introspection and self-guided assistance you can come full circle back to yourself and realize that every time you dream you’re living out a portion of your life in another dimension that you’ve created. And after some meditation and third eye awakening focused awareness you begin to become more and more lucid day-to-day. When you’re lucid you’re basically seeing in real-time and knowing that you’re totally present and in control of your actions. The fun begins here.

The best place to start is to begin practicing living your life like you’re in a dream: because you are, except the 3Dimensional reality moves much slower. Instead of pure thought energy instantly materializing anything it takes time and focus for things to happen in a sequential, seemingly more logical pattern.

Knowing that you control the outcomes of what you want to do and continue doing in a sequential pattern developed into habitual determination in the future is critical. Momentum is eventually built up when you act on your intention and in result you begin to attract more and more of your desired reality into your experience. It’s in this state where you can begin to understand everything and begin living on a deeper level of existence.



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