Civilization today as we know it is on the booming edge of technology. We have smart phones, we have tablets, supercomputers, cars that avoid accidents all by themselves, electric vehicles and self landing rocket ships. However technology will only take us so far. What we need to focus on is our thinking, and how we are conveying ourselves within the reality we are all consciously co-creating together.

What are we doing here? How does the earth miraculously exist in an infinite void of space? Why are we born into a human body and then expected to complete certain objectives in order to be respected or simply to survive? Most people don’t ask themselves these questions. Unfortunately they go about their lives avoiding observing the subtleties of life including the way they are thinking and the way they are feeling. Yet these two aspects are the most important factors to what your reality is to you.

Unfortunately most people get stuck in their fears that they don’t know they have and they surface in all kinds of aspects of their lives and they unconsciously end up projecting them and processing them over and over again in the same loop as they do the same damaging and unhelpful things in their lives without ever thinking about why. The biggest and most devastating issue that many people have is the fear of what other people think and they will go to any length to avoid being openly judged by another person. However, what most people think is nothing; it is literally nothing.

Think about it. What is a thought? A thought is an electro-magnetic impulse firing off inside the brain translated into a word or words in your head that can translate into pictures and feeling. Besides the internal reality of a thought, what is it to you if you decide it is not relevant? It is nothing. Once the false belief or negative thought isn’t fed with attention and energy it ceases to exist within your internal reality. This is where self-control and willpower to influence your reality comes in. Yes there are physical realities that we all have to meet day-to-day. You have to work and educate yourself on some level. However you needn’t buy into all of the false programming laid into the societal structure to keep you on your knees forever.

Your thoughts are not you. What you believe isn’t part of you and isn’t going to define yourself as a person if you don’t allow it to. What most people think what involves living a respectful life is based off what others think, based off what others have thought, which in actuality has been based off the merry-go-round of idiocy, fear and unconsciousness. Whether most people see it or not, life is played as a game on a mass level and the premise of that game is a fear of loss.

Think about professional sporting leagues like the NFL, MLB, or the NBA. Every year billions of dollars of both the fans and the league go towards a series of games all ending with one game where there can only be one winner. Every year. And after the big final game the losing team leaves the field in tears while the winning team carts themselves down the mainstreet of their town in a winners parade of “glory”. Many great players say that they hate losing more than they like winning and it is apparent that most teams will not win the final game because it is impossible.

Besides the winner’s parade for the championship team nothing else happens that is not for the leagues benefit. So what can be said is that winning and losing is relative to the game you are playing, and the position you have within the game, along with competence.

Getting the highest degree, building the biggest business and buying the newest car and the biggest house on the block isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself. On a conditional level it will band-aid the scars of beating yourself up for cradling the thought of “not being enough” throughout the years, but on an unconditional level it will only make you feel worse and more confused as to why you aren’t feeling complete when you’ve done everything and you have everything to do so.

It is usually better to have things than to not have things, especially if you need them to survive the way you’d prefer to. However when you get attached to the attainment of such things without knowing yourself other than the way you think people think about you, you are now trying to fill a void inside yourself, and that void is an endless black hole. And inside this void insideĀ  yourself are negative thought forms who troll you in the form of fear of “failure” or the fear of “shame” of not having anything or being anything. The worst part about it is that these thoughtforms are more real than what they are training you to be fearful of what you are, or what you are not because they are with you 24/7 365, and they hide in your own consciousness like they’re not there because “that’s what everyone else thinks”.

What you have or what you do for a living isn’t who you are. Once you understand this you are free to do anything. When you live your life for the right reasons from the highest intent you are going to live with a purpose based from your heart. How you feel from the energy of your heart center is what would be based for the highest outcome of what you could make of yourself, granted the unfortunate societal hierarchy. You will start to think from this feeling and base your actions after you process your thoughts and emotions from the heart center. Irrelevant negative thoughtforms and false beliefs from mass consciousness would become obsolete and cease to affect you because you’d know them from your heart to be not true.

This is the highest directly achievable and currently closest perceivable outcome for the current state of the human race. So instead of competing, you can take your competence and do instead what you have to do to free yourself with no fear.


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