ldHave you ever had a lucid dream? What about deja vu? Lucid dreaming and deja vu are actually very similar. They both are a state of consciousness where you are 100% present of what is going on around you. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream then you know that when you’re in one of these dreams you can make anything happen. You can surf, you can fly, you can breakdance, you can fight kung fu, or you can materialize a ferrari and also fly the thing.

If you’re currently on the path of awakening spiritually you must know that it is a choice to continue waking up. Once you know about current state of the world and the way it is and the existence of the spirit world and the hierarchy of different dimensions, different beings and the physics of consciousness it’s up to you to actually become aware of these things and continue to work towards a higher state of being.

What you might seem to notice is that the more you become awake spiritually your dreams start becoming more and more reoccuring and you begin to experience deja vu during the daytime more often. This is completely normal because you are becoming aware of the things, events and phenomena that are happening within your own consciousness which means you are coming into your power as a conscious being.

Lucid Dreams for Manifestation

Lucid dreams can be very powerful, and you can use them how you please. When I first began to wake up and travel out of body I began using my dream states as a means to play out specific situations that I knew I had to do well in, such as job interviews and important phone calls. Dreaming lucidly while completely controlling the situation you are in can do wonders for your ability to manifest because when you get to the situation in the 3rd dimension it’s like a level on a video game that you’ve already played through.

The best way to do this is to think of  a situation that you see yourself in the future and then go to sleep with the intention of putting yourself in a situation very similar to what you are going to be in. When you immerse yourself in a reality entirely in your dreamstate you’re going to pick up on ques on how who else is involved is most likely to behave and how they will respond to what you say or do. The key is regular meditation, so when you begin falling asleep you already have that deep conscious state to tap into so you can stay more aware of what type of dream you are projecting yourself into.

Lucid Dreams for Astral Projection / Star Travel

lucid dreamingIf you’ve ever astral projected, had an OBE, or have traveled the stars on a beam of your own consciousness then you might know that it isn’t always easy to pull yourself out of body. In our previous posts we’ve gone over how you imagination is actually a physical place, metaphysically. What you project yourself from within your own mind will match up with the different types of conscious beings or entities on the level you project yourself at.

So when you fall asleep you’re going to want to make sure you stay awake in your mind while your body goes to sleep, and keep the intention of having a dream that is going to help you get to a high vibration enough to exit your body. The best thing to do is to ask your spirit guides to help you process your dreams.

Dreamtime is basically a sequence that occurs within your mind to get you to process what you weren’t paying attention to in your life when you experienced it. So if you’re having reoccuring dreams it is more than likely you have to learn something in the dream that you haven’t processed yet, so pay attention. When you’re in a dream you may notice different types of characters and beings with different motives that reflect different areas of your life and personality. Your dreams are where you can be yourself and learn who you are on the deepest level while being trained before experiencing different realities on different planets and planes of existence all together.

When you get control of a bad dream you are balanced. Question what caused you to project yourself into a bad dreaming situation and then make sure you take note of what you find out.

The most important thing to know while in a dream is that you can program yourself out of the situations and seemingly random places you end up a dream by becoming detached from reaction. While dreaming there are beings who are benevolent and others who are malevolent and the only way to really find out who is who is to become more aware and pay attention what you are doing in your dreams, who you are with and how they are behaving. Your guides and higher selves are always with you in your dreams but make sure you know that you can reach out to them because it’s their job to help you process who you are.

If your dreams are completely nonsense all you have to do is pay attention and exit the space. Before long you’ll be able to realize you can literally raise your vibration and wake up completely aware with your eyes still closed like you were just immersed in a movie inside your own mind. Or you’ll be able to raise your vibration enough literally take a portal out from the dream construct into space and leave the earth entirely, in real-time into another dimension.

Remember that without working towards awakening your body to be at a vibration high enough to resonate with higher dimensions it is physically not possible to consciously experience higher consciousness and keep yourself there. Processing your dreams in lucidity will knock out those deeply rooted emotional blockages stopping you from raising your vibration. Your guides and your higher selves will work with you but they will only meet you halfway. Meditation and awareness of what you are feeling and thinking always is the most critical to achievement.


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