chakras-07Your energy body is another aspect of you on the inside of you. It’s who you are on a soul level it also carries that energy of your soul. Your energy is best described as what you put into your body combined with your thoughts and emotional patterns. Your energy body includes these aspects which make up you on a 3D level yet your energy body is also alive on a multidimensional level.

You can connect with your energy body with what you can do on a physical level involving your habitual behavior, exercise and ideal everyday routine. I suggest connecting with yourself on a multi-dimensional level and knowing that you are not only a 3D body as you see yourself existing in physical reality. Your physical body is the surface but on a deeper level you can feel your energy body. In your energy body your emotions are held and can be programmed into higher existence and higher potential.

Your energy body is also karmic which is a level of existing where what you say and do will have a specific effect in the present and perceivable future on a positive or negative level. Your emotions also hold weight as much as your thoughts do as you are immersed in your everyday reality. Getting grasp of these two balances like yin and yang are easier to attain than you might think.

Just like in yoga, your central nervous system is made up of a circuitry junction of different glands directly jacked into your chakras which are part of your energy body. When you take the basics of each chakra and match them when you are thinking and feeling off-key or negative you can identify where you need improvement in your personal reality. For example a chakra may be blocked because you hold a deep insecurity and don’t want to look at it. If you’re not sure where to look and you subconsciously don’t want to look at the same time you have to trigger your mind into finding the answer. Sometimes when you listen to your thoughts and kind of hit the record button while you are doing the thinking you can go back and see what is triggering a blockage.

540_293_resize_20130601_86fc1901a38753d430c494dc4b76b7bc_jpgYou can also take the basics of each chakra and match them to where you are the most “on” or integrated in your life in a positive way. You can see how you relate to each basic chakra function and see how you’d like to integrate more of that in your life. It works when you have an open mind and are ready and willing to give it a try. It also helps to be able to feel into your own energy by using your own physical body while you center yourself in meditation once a day for 10 15 minutes. This makes it easier to know where the blockages might be and how to heal and steer around them.

Your energy is you and it should be taken care of like any other part of your body. Once you accept more responsibility for how you are feeling and how you are thinking you can see how it can be paradigm shifting to what you are looking to improve.

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