f9ba52903be0a3f65e44a7cf846a5a9fThe Universe communicates through a language specific to context of energy and intuition is the primary faculty to decipher that context. This language is based on the solid and faultless scientific and physics laws of geometry that serve as a point of reference when deciphering the context.

You can also call the Universe a program where the primary function of the code making up the program is actually a language of atoms written in Geometry in the context of energy. The expression of that energy can form an entire matrix of reality which also includes yet not limited to a beautiful redwood tree forest, a puppy or a human being.

Your energy that makes up you is also specific to the context that you make it to be. Where you place your intention you can do one thing, or you can do something else totally different. What you do and how you line up and attune yourself specific to this Universal language can influence your entire existence on a physical and non-physical level. This language also holds specific to the entire planet as a collective consciousness large and small groups. Who you are and what you hold your attention and energy to will serve as a basis of what your outcomes will be to any context. What you do with your time and energy can hold you back or it can project you forward and upward.

The energy of the universe is very subtle, but very eminent. (In a square inch of empty space there is literally infinite energy to draw from to be able to power the entire planet in free energy forever.) This means that everything is energy it is everywhere and the way it is used can bring you up or bring you down. The way you spend your attention to what types energetic programming you are submitting yourself to will affect the entire life you have. And not knowing what energy you are tapping into and how to tap into the infinite potential of your own energy can be costly because you will always feel drained, tired and get sick at least 3-4 times a year.

Because your body is also made up of the atoms that draw infinite energy as you can tell because they never stop moving you are also infinitely synonymous with incredibly high amounts of healthy energy if you choose to be. How you treat yourself and your body in relation to the infinite energetic relationship we have with the Universal reality surrounding you and inside of you is something that many people can and do take advantage of.

If you’ve heard of people being able to remote view, channel or astral project then what you can conclude is that these people are intimately congruent with the infinite energy flow of the universe. What they are doing is connecting with the language of the universe which is actually the language of their own body they decipher through their own senses and well-being including how they are thinking and how they are feeling everyday. Primarily focusing on the thinking and feeling they learn to utilize the code of the Universe through these faculties.

With enough practice you can develop an inner knowing, and when you get there you are totally free to become as healthy as you like through what catalogue of energy you’d like to express yourself as every day. The way you become and express yourself through your thoughts and emotions will allow you to then model those desired energy patterns and reprogram yours congruently.

This is where the law of attraction comes in. Think about how healthy you’d like to be and then align yourself to that energy. Also think about how you’d like to improve on any fundamental area and it can be done with new solutions that are coming into existence with more and more people waking up and discovering higher conscious ways of living. Then work to continue bringing those higher frequency actions and habits into your reality.

Eating better, doing yoga, changing your job, stopping damaging situations so you don’t get sick emotionally, energetically and physically and connecting with yourself by attuning yourself to your inner reality by deciphering your own Universal language of energy through your own intuition is something that can be done by anyone.

Every person is the master of themselves and themselves only which means they are responsible for their energy always because they are the one creating it consciously or unconsciously. Conscious or unconscious solutions or situations will happen on an inner level of thinking or feeling whether you choose for it to happen or not and then reflect into the outer reality. When you become conscious by yourself to influence your inner reality and you learn your own language the most profound change is made.

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