tumblr_inline_napy8k1p7R1r1aqjjThe energy field is a field of light that surrounds your body and is made of energy coherent to your thoughts, emotions and patterns of activity. There are multiple layers of energy to your individual field including your auric field which constitutes the energy resonating through to each of your chakras.

What you are doing, feeling and thinking are all correlated with how you well you are in those chakric aspects of your being, and they reflect from each chakra throughout each of the layers of your auric field. So if you’re having money issues,¬† a lack of creative energy, and you are getting in disagreements or arguments in your life these are the manifestation of discording energy patterns in the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

The chakras are energy centers that literally work like temple gates to your body towards what type of energy you want to connect to, enhance and and circulate within yourself and they all work as one within your energy field. Your chakras align to their respective organs in different parts of your body where you circulate the energy and harmonize it to your preferred resonance. Your chakras are toroidial fields of energy that literally connect your physical body into the Unified Field and when all lined up harmoniously fire up like a high powered electromagnetic jet engine and gear you into a high state of consciousness and bliss. For the individual who takes their energetic health seriously they are potentially capable of superhuman senses and dynamics.

Outside of your auric field your energy field expands into a sphere of light with a Unified toroidial field of your collective energy spinning around you. Working with this energy as one is key to managing your state of being.

4553885_origThe energy field is best managed through your diet, the vibrational context of your thoughts, your emotions, and your overall attitude. Picture yourself as a multi-dimensional being in this sphere of light suspended in an endless void of space where whatever you think and feel will fly towards you magnetically in the energetic equivalent. In this void what you think in your mind and feel in your body will amplify as microphones that ping off the infinite and bring back whatever you send the signal out for, and the tuner of those microphones is your heart center.

The key is being in your heart and working your energy centers with your heart from the deepest space within yourself. Inside your heart you’re the most coherent, aware and conscious which is the place where you exist on the deepest level. Because your physical body has literally folded out of your heart in a toroidial pattern of Creation at the moment of your physical conception it makes sense to realize that everything you’ve ever seen or experienced in your lifetime has been from your perspective, from behind your own eyes, from within yourself.

Avoiding Energetic Trouble

Not engaging “energy vampires” or people who will try to drag you down to their level energetic level at a lower vibration is always a good skill to have. However these people usually aren’t doing their negative influencing on purpose it is really just faulty unconscious programming that they’ve learned to respond to and project in their reality to get attention or influence. Also understand that they are not really vampires at all because if you end up feeling drained after an interaction with a negative person it was you that allowed your energy to drop to their level. As long as the negative energy isn’t returned to the individual projecting it these behaviors are harmless to someone who knows how to feel around it in conversation and not engage into that low vibration.

To keep your energy field self-sustinant and healthy¬† you must understand that each center of your chakras are also self-sustinant and do not need nor do they want any unhealthy energy within them unless you’ve trained them to let the negative energy in. Unfortunately negative energy can work as a drug fix to the individual engaging in the negative thoughts, or emotional patterns and it does take some work to stop and override these patterns.

Acclimating Toward Higher Light Levels

man-ethereal-body-energy-emanations-human-luminous-being-aura-spiritual-E0G721Light is a physical resonance, and it exists as a spectrum of atoms spinning as fast and coherently as they possibly can, so understand how light moves and how it feels within you from the sun. Sit in the sun and work with some crystals to embody the light emmitting from them to increase your light quotient. To begin emitting and spinning a powerful field of light energy around you, you’ll have to raise your vibration and continue to keep it there. All progress is based on the resonance of your past points of reference so if you’ve never been resonant to higher light energy before you’ll have to use your intuition on the specific reference points of when you’ve felt the most flowing in the zone with positive, high energy.

What you’re going to want to do is charge a crystal like selenite and absorb the energy with your body. Imagine the crystalline light flowing through your body, (as your body is actually a living crystalline entity itself) and allowing that sparkling, glimmering, and shimmering crystalline energy work and identify from within your being from the inside out.

It also helps to line your bed with crystals under the mattress corresponding with the correct chakras where your energy centers lie on the top of the bed. Eat foods that will only work with your body not completely dull the resonance. Staying away from red meat, most meat or all meat and meat products in general and replacing it with non-gmo organic foods is a good place to start. Drink alot of water charged with selenite or a crystal of your choice. Before long you’ll have light and clear eyes, healthier emotions and your energy field will automatically begin to not allow any negativity to hurt you because it’ll bounce right off. From a level of still coherence and balance this is possible and attainable for anyone.

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