intuitive-mindYou exist on a very deep cosmological level. The atoms and cells within your body are constantly communicating to each other back and forth to the Unified Field of consciousness that connects all things and back to you within your being trillions of times a nano second. As this is happening your body is cataloguing a wide array of sensations and phenomena through your physical senses which is very subtle. The subtlety of your body communicating to the Unified Field and back is very discrete however when you pay attention to what is happening you can increase your sensitivity and overall sensibility as a human to a very high level.

Your physical senses work as a radio station, with the center of your being truly existing from your heart. When you use your heart as a tuner of the radio station and feel what is going on within you from hereĀ from the inner most place outward you are able to feel deepest your inner senses turn on and you begin to be able to live more of your own truth not to mention view into the different inter-dimensional worlds that surround you.

Your body is actually a biological electromagnetic suit housing your Spirit while you are incarnated here on earth for whatever purpose you deem it to be. Sometimes referred to as a “vessel” or a biological suit, the human body in actuality runs on this electrical energy we ingest from our foods, water, the air we breathe, and the light we take in through our skin and it processes everything on its own like a natural, living biological computer. Everything that goes into your body has it’s influence whether you notice it or not and when you begin to notice what you doing with your thoughts and emotions and then begin to influence them to a higher degree you can unblock yourself from the true potential of your body and begin to turn your suit “on” and engage in higher energetic sensitivity and activities.

Your body has a language specific to what is going on within you and granted what you need to know at any specific moment in time. It is self-aware, and it is intelligent. You can tell because it keeps itself alive living and breathing all by it self, and it will even do the thinking if you let it. Once you get into the drivers seat you can communicate with the universe with your body because it is connected deeply with the expanse of all consciousness from the cosmic level down to the atomic level. You will get different sensations which mean different things however it’s up to you to learn your own language to determine what the different signs of intelligence actually mean.

Some of the more popular sensations that many empathic individuals know can be but are not limited to:

Warm Tingling sensations: when you put your attention on a specific region of the body. This can indicate positive energy flowing

Burning sensations: an indicator that a negative energy or low vibration is being purged out of a region of the body

Dull coldness: a lower or negative entity presence or lifeform is in the vicinity and the body is picking up on it

Tightness or squeezing : A low vibrational lifeform is influencing a specific region of the body

Nerve twitching or jumping: A negative frequency either entering or being cleared from the body

Shuddering or cringing: A reaction your body is having to dissonant energy

Stinging, itching: A negative lifeform detaching or influencing a specific region of the body

Sticky sludge: Slow, low vibrational emotionally attaching energy

Body temperate and clear pulsing: Light flowing through your body healthily

Knowing Your Body

tumblr_ndm43h6qcM1qzmum5o1_540As you can tell there are signals and signs of positivity and negativity. Many people get caught in not knowing what they are feeling is negativity when they think they are feeling good. Unfortunately this is the scenario of most people living in the modern world unconsciously over indulging themselves in lower emotions and states of lower mind when in reality they are living from the outside in and their body is running the show. It’s a simple and honest mistake of thinking you are feeling good when in fact your body is in subtle pain and you are deriving pleasure from that.

When you are getting to know your very own living electromagentic biological bodysuit it takes patience and time for you to feel deeply and get to know how and what you are feeling because you cannot know what is actually pain if you don’t have the reference point of higher sensitivity of positive energetics from the higher spectrum of vibration in it’s integrity.

As you continue to progress and pay attention to what your body is telling you by deeply feeling from the heart the integrity of your body will improve and your body will begin to work with you and can climb to higher levels of intuition and consciousness. From here anything is possible but it all begins from existing and being true to yourself from your heart.

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